“It’s amazing to see God work even though it’s not exactly what we have in mind.”

Lucio & Amanda Gallo shared about their summer camp in Argentina (in the southern hemisphere).

“Every year we hold summer camp.  Normally we run around 100 teens during the teen week.  However, this year we only had 50 teens.  At first we were discouraged and began examining where we went wrong, asking ourselves why the number was so low.   Then we began praying and the Lord truly gave us peace.  The teens that were at summer camp were the ones God wanted there.  We would wait and see what He had in store!

“With a reduced group, the counselors were able to connect and really disciple the teens in depth.  God astounded us with the fruit.  Almost all the teens are now faithfully attending the youth group at church every Saturday.  Many of them are going to every church service.  There is a strong group of ten teens that are going to the park every Sunday afternoon to hand out tracts and share the Gospel.

“We often measure our success by big numbers.  But God has His own plans and they are perfect in every way.  We just have to be still and know that He is God.”