After attending the marriage retreat, the woman talked about it at her job…

One of her colleagues expressed interest in participating in a similar kind of retreat.

FIM missionaries in Europe had led the retreat.  The colleague bought the book the FIM missionaries had written for engaged and newly married couples.  Sometime later she wrote the following on her Facebook: “I am very grateful for this book. After many years of looking for strategies and tools to have a good and long lasting love relationship, I have found that there actually is someone who has put out such a book! To you who would like to improve your relationship or to you who would like to start one I strongly recommend this book.”

Many who look at the book decide that others might need such a book, but that they are fine in their relationship or they think it looks like just too much work. Indeed!  Strong relationships take time and care. Not everyone is willing to put forth the effort, to make the priority.