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“About twenty years ago, twins came to children’s camp…

… Their parents wanted to take a vacation without them. They instructed them not to change religion nor listen to anything that would encourage them to change. They said, ‘You have a good vacation, have a good time, and we will have a good time also.’ “When the twins returned home, they began telling their […]

God is at work!

Muslims continue to come to Christ!  A father left his wife behind in Iran and came to Greece with his two adult children. Depressed and not able to sleep, he prayed with Christians in Greece, was freed from depression and found new life in Jesus!  All three were recently baptized. The daughter’s husband was baptized […]

Leadership training often begins in childhood!

Julie Walker writes, “In 2013, I met Marta in a park. She and her siblings came consistently to the kids club, church, and camps. A year later, we hosted the kids club at her mom’s house.  Marta and her siblings invited their friends to attend. “Two-and-a-half years later, we began Club Dorcas, just a couple […]

Who does a Christian worker turn to when needing perspective?

Depending where they are located, there may be no one.  In one European country, a FIM missionary is ready to provide help. After speaking at a workshop for church leaders, the missionary was approached by a choir director who made an appointment.  In the following counseling sessions, he shared about conflicts in the church, wounds […]

God’s Word does not return void!

As we share the gospel, we are planting seeds that our amazing God can use to bring people to salvation…even at a much later time! As Dan Nickel and his ministry partner, David, shared the gospel on the streets of Limerick, Ireland, Mario introduced himself to them.  He had heard Dan preach in 2000.  Since […]

Winter is summer in Argentina…

Summer camp was a huge blessing with around 70 teenagers the first week and 60 young adults the next! Besides God working in the hearts of the campers, the location of the camp was an unexpected blessing. Lucio & Amanda Gallo share that because there was a public pool onsite they “were able to share […]

The Lord uses even illness to strengthen believers!

Omar had been leading the music in the church that Kevin & Alina Beach are planting in Mezcalitos, Mexico.  Then Kevin was laid aside for some time with illness.  Little did Omar know that he would need to start preaching and teaching in Kevin’s absence.  But he stepped up to the plate and took on […]