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Scouting for extreme disciples of Jesus Christ!

In January Jeff & Sheny Walker started a scout type program with merit badges for young people from ages 10 and up. Each participant has a banner with their name and picture and places to put the badges. They are very excited about earning the merit badges. The Walkers are presently working on merit badges […]

A lot can happen in one year…

Having started a church in Ghana, Africa with 13 people in January, 2017, John & Marilyn Asmah celebrated its first anniversary with an average of 50 in attendance.  People are trusting in Christ for salvation.  Both adults and children are growing in the Lord! At the anniversary celebration, various people shared their testimony.  “P” came […]

Small opportunities to share the Gospel could have a major impact!

Only God knows what the results might be!  Every Thursday Tim Glessner drops in at a tortilla shop in Puebla, Mexico and reads Matthew with the workers.  Tim & Barbara-Lee write, “It’s been very special to share the Gospel with them just through reading a short section and explaining it. We’re trusting God’s Word will […]

“D” was a Muslim child

who didn’t want to hear about Jesus, although her mother had accepted the Lord.  When they moved to a town in Togo where Christy Sopcisak is involved in the Christian school, “D” agreed to attend.  The teachers shared Christ with her daily and within a year she trusted in Christ and became a leader at […]

“A 20-year-old from Afghanistan is a new Christian…

He has really matured spiritually and was recently baptized.  He helps out regularly with other refugees.  “A widow with four children from Iran is a new believer.  She too was baptized recently.  God has given her a new hope.  She wants the whole family to be united in a European country.“ These are just some […]