Scouting for extreme disciples of Jesus Christ!

In January Jeff & Sheny Walker started a scout type program with merit badges for young people from ages 10 and up. Each participant has a banner with their name and picture and places to put the badges. They are very excited about earning the merit badges. The Walkers are presently working on merit badges for Bible Studies, for learning musical instruments, and for playing them as part of the worship team. A few of the kids are new and have not accepted Christ yet, but through the Bible studies they are getting a clear understanding of salvation.

One twelve-year-old, excited about guitar lessons, has been coming consistently for the lessons as well as all the weekly activities and on Sundays.  So far five of the youth have passed the first level of piano—learning to play bass on the keyboard and playing three songs as part of the worship team on Sundays. Several are learning the guitar as well. Pray for them to stay motivated to keep working on their merit badges. Pray for God to raise up through this program more missionaries and Christian workers for the World Harvest.


When the Word is shared, some trust in Christ for salvation, while others are not yet ready.

One little girl from the neighborhood is so excited about children’s club.  She even comes on rainy days…when the weather makes having the club impossible.  But she has not yet made a commitment to Christ.  Roli & Ruthann Delgadillo (Argentina) continue to reach out to her and long that she will come to the knowledge of Jesus Christ.

How exciting it is to missionaries to see believers become mature disciples of Jesus Christ!

“S” was one of the young people whom FIM missionary, Steve, taught years ago in North Africa. The whole family had a lot of spiritual depth. Since then, she has been married and has a daughter.

“S” contacted Steve because her husband is wandering away from the Lord and it is affecting their marriage. She shared that she asked a TV preacher about her problems. He advised her to send money to an address in another country and her problems would disappear! She said he was no different from the Muslim “marabouts” who take money for healing or solving problems. She said that she preferred prayer and letting the Lord work. She asked if she was on the right track and Steve assured her that she certainly was.

Photo of a Muslim “marabout”.

“This is what it is all about!  This is why I am not interested in retirement!” 

Seventy-two-year old Lonnie Hodge has been discipling a soccer coach in Bolivia.  The coach asked him to speak to his team of 15-16 players about “What is Truth?”  Beginning with Pilate asking Jesus that question, Lonnie pointed out how each book of the Bible speaks of Christ.  The young men listened attentively.  One asked, “Just what is Holy Week?”  Lonnie shared the events of the week, showing that Christ was the Passover Lamb.  He concluded, giving opportunity for them to pray silently.

Later the coach texted Lonnie that 4-6 of the soccer players had come to know Christ!

The President of the soccer club was also present and said he had never seen a group of young men so attentive.

Lonnie & Ruth Hodge serve the Lord in Cochabamba, Bolivia.  (Photo: Lonnie on the left.)

A lot can happen in one year…

Having started a church in Ghana, Africa with 13 people in January, 2017, John & Marilyn Asmah celebrated its first anniversary with an average of 50 in attendance.  People are trusting in Christ for salvation.  Both adults and children are growing in the Lord!

At the anniversary celebration, various people shared their testimony.  “P” came to Christ as a result of door-to-door evangelism and is very faithful coming to church.  Although she was religious, she shared, “I didn’t know anything about the Bible.  I was just going to church.  After praying long and hard, I would have bad dreams.”  Now her prayers are being answered and she is desirous to know more of God’s Word.  “I like how Pastor is teaching the Bible,” she says.

“J” was born into a Muslim family in the country of Ivory Coast, and came to the Lord.  John is discipling him.  Along with another man they meet every morning to have devotions and to study the Bible together. “J” said, “What I am learning here is more than a Bible school.”

Photo of “P” sharing her testimony.

Rick Hudson at Rio Grande Bible Institute March 21-23

FIM mobilizer Rick Hudson is sharing missions opportunities at RGBI’s Movilicemos missions conference in Edinburg, TX Wed-Fri, March 21-23.  RGBI is the ministry home of FIM missionaries David and Denise Love.

Small opportunities to share the Gospel could have a major impact!

Only God knows what the results might be!  Every Thursday Tim Glessner drops in at a tortilla shop in Puebla, Mexico and reads Matthew with the workers.  Tim & Barbara-Lee write, “It’s been very special to share the Gospel with them just through reading a short section and explaining it. We’re trusting God’s Word will have its effect in their lives.”

“D” was a Muslim child

who didn’t want to hear about Jesus, although her mother had accepted the Lord.  When they moved to a town in Togo where Christy Sopcisak is involved in the Christian school, “D” agreed to attend.  The teachers shared Christ with her daily and within a year she trusted in Christ and became a leader at school and active in the church.

A Muslim relative came to live with “D” and her mother.  She too has been attending the Christian school since October.  Just a few weeks ago, on her own she decided to go to church.  She is now faithfully going twice a week and is interested in the Bible stories taught at school.  Christy prays for her salvation.

Photo of a Muslim student at a Christian school.

“A 20-year-old from Afghanistan is a new Christian…

He has really matured spiritually and was recently baptized.  He helps out regularly with other refugees.

 “A widow with four children from Iran is a new believer.  She too was baptized recently.  God has given her a new hope.  She wants the whole family to be united in a European country.“

These are just some of the refugees that FIM missionaries have been ministering to recently in Athens, Greece.  Praise the Lord for the former Muslims who have come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and are growing in Him!

Francisco De Souza at DTS World Evangelization Conference This Week Mar 6-8

Students and friends are invited to meet with Francisco de Souza, FIM Director of Missionary Personnel, at the FIM booth at Dallas Theological Seminary,  Campbell Academic Center.  Francisco will be sharing opportunities for ministry, Tuesday March 6 – Thursday March 8.