For many years…

…we have been helping with the medical needs of a paraplegic friend who lives in a remote village. Recently he needed surgery in the capital city, so we looked for a Christian ministry that could host him during his recovery. There was only one such ministry available, but they did not have the funds to host him. We didn’t know what to do so we prayed.  As soon as we finished praying we saw a car pass by that belongs to a secular group that helps the handicapped.  So we called them and they referred us to a secular organization who could host our friend.

At first we were disappointed that we couldn’t get the needed help through a Christian organization.  But then we were able to spend some time with the director of the organization.  He wanted to know why we were helping our friend.  We shared the gospel with him several times.  Last week he accepted an invitation to attend our home Bible study.  He attended the Bible study with his wife and his 4-year-old son.  After-ward he said that although this was the first time that they had ever looked at Christianity, they really enjoyed it and were curious to know more.

M & L serve in Asia.