2017-03-17 - Walker

J.P. is a 16-year-old…

Jeff & Sheny Walker have been working with his family for almost a year.  He has been through a rebellious streak with a lot of resentment towards his mom for abandoning him at certain times in his life.  For a long time, when the Walkers had Bible studies in his house, he would lock himself inside his room and would not come out for any reason.

The Walkers’ daughter, Julie (also an FIM missionary in Aguascalientes, Mexico) recently began an After School Program.  J.P. agreed to be a part of a “missionary marathon”, which included discipleship studies and volunteering at the After School Program.  He really enjoyed it, and it seems he has accepted Christ for real.  He continues to volunteer almost every day at the After School Program. J.P. now wants to finish high school (he’s a drop-out), as he hopes to go to a Bible school after graduating.