What would your life be like without electricity?

For some missionaries, that is their  daily experience.

Steve Baggott wrote from the middle of the Sahara: “It has been a difficult month with long power cuts almost every day. One lasted 38½ hours and at the same time our generator broke down.  It would cost too much to repair and it will be better to buy a new one. We are thankful for solar power.  However, it was not meant to be the sole source of power for such long periods.  Solar power is not sufficient for using the iron, printer, photocopier, electric kettle, or microwave—all things that one can live without, at least for a while!  Care is needed buying chicken in town.  It may have been defrosted and refrozen. A greater hindrance is when the power cut affects communications.   Also millers, tailors, welders, etc. cannot work without power.

“Today’s power cut lasted over ten hours and a new one has just started after only two hours of electricity.”