A lot can happen in one year…

Having started a church in Ghana, Africa with 13 people in January, 2017, John & Marilyn Asmah celebrated its first anniversary with an average of 50 in attendance.  People are trusting in Christ for salvation.  Both adults and children are growing in the Lord!

At the anniversary celebration, various people shared their testimony.  “P” came to Christ as a result of door-to-door evangelism and is very faithful coming to church.  Although she was religious, she shared, “I didn’t know anything about the Bible.  I was just going to church.  After praying long and hard, I would have bad dreams.”  Now her prayers are being answered and she is desirous to know more of God’s Word.  “I like how Pastor is teaching the Bible,” she says.

“J” was born into a Muslim family in the country of Ivory Coast, and came to the Lord.  John is discipling him.  Along with another man they meet every morning to have devotions and to study the Bible together. “J” said, “What I am learning here is more than a Bible school.”

Photo of “P” sharing her testimony.