From Missionaries in Argentina: “We met Sergio after his brother had committed suicide in 2011…

Last year his father died from an accident at work.  Sergio was very depressed.  We invited him to summer camp (January in Argentina).

“At camp, Sergio dedicated his life to the Lord and hasn’t missed a single church meeting since.  Lucio started discipling him, he got more involved in the youth group, and was baptized in June.  He has been bringing other boys that went to summer camp to the church meetings.  It’s been amazing– the changes God is making in his life.

“Last week he was offered a chance to go and study at the Word of Life Bible Institute here in Argentina. He left a few days ago, excited to be able to study the Word of God and really grow in his personal relationship with the Lord. This is the sixth student we have sent to Word of Life to study and prepare to further serve the Lord!”

(Lucio & Amanda Gallo [left front] with their youth group)