Open doors for sharing the Gospel with those needing Christ in Islamic countries…

… is a cause of rejoicing.  An FIM missionary wrote about a number of recent opportunities in Africa:

“Christmas was a good opportunity to share the Good News. Quite a number of children and young people were present and enjoyed the keynote presentation of the story of the shepherds.  “E” had seven or eight children in tow.  Their parents had actually asked him to bring them along.  He said he had no taxi fare for all of them but just when they arrived at the main road (five miles away), a car stopped to bring them to town.  He said it stopped ‘on purpose’ for them—not the driver’s purpose but God’s!  I preached and Pastor translated into another language.  We had a delightful meal afterwards, even with some cake.”

“The pocket calendars arrived New Year’s Day.  We have been giving these out and tracts also that came with the pocket calendars entitled Do You Know the Greatness of God? and The Poison of Sin.”

“This morning I preached and Pastor translated. Two young fellows were there, probably out of curiosity.  We pray that the Gospel they heard might penetrate their hearts.”