After reading a website posting about Reiki

by Marcia Montenegro, “X” asked, “Can someone explain to me why Reiki has worked for many people if it’s supposed to be demonic? I was a Reiki master for some years but I am now seeking the truth.”

Marcia (a FIM missionary) replied to “X” online and also suggested that she read her posting:

This was followed by “X’s” response to Marcia: “I will read it definitely. I’m simply a truth seeker and in doing so I have found that this world is being ruled by Satan which leads me to believe that there needs to be a Jesus logically. However I’ve also been a big supporter of alternative medicine which brought me to use Reiki and crystals. But I’m straying from the New Age itself because in the long run it hasn’t changed anything and most of my Reiki and yoga/meditation peers are very selfish and full of ego. I knew something was missing in my life. Something I want to explore. The only means I have yet to discover until now is the path of Jesus. (I’ve always rejected the idea of Jesus by the way).”

Marcia replied, sharing her testimony about conversion from the New Age. That too can be found at the Christian Answers for the New Age website.