“’S’ fled from Iran with her son…

…They were arrested by the Turkish police. For two weeks they were held in a very cold place. They thought that they would die there.”

Efthemes & Eirini Sioukiouroglou minister daily to refugees in Athens who are able to enter the country of Greece.

“’S’ and her son attempted to cross through Turkey into Greece three times. On the third attempt, they tried to escape by sea.  They were in a 40-passenger boat…and 120 on board.  They were finally able to arrive safely in Greece despite the fact that the boat’s engine failed.

As ‘S’ and her son sat in a park in Athens, three girls invited them to a Christian center. They accepted the Lord. For a few months ‘S’ came to the Crossroads Center, the Sioukiouroglous’ refugee ministry center.  ‘S’ also bought a gift for the Center, a heater.

‘S’ is now in Germany and is trying to find a good church.