Scattered throughout China, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam…

Hmong believers look forward to Yexusfest.  Over 3,000 Hmong believers from Southeast Asia gathered in Chiang Mai, Thailand from July 20-23 for this conference.

Six years ago, Mike & Sonja Zeek began a project to provide solar-powered MegaVoice players with biblical teaching for the Hmong.  To date, the players have over 350 hours of audio teaching, have been distributed to hundreds, and have the Zeeks have requests for over 5,000 additional players.

Mike explains that the players have some huge advantages.  1) They fill an enormous void for biblical teaching.  2) The Hmong are oral learners and are more effective than giving them a book.  3) Many Hmong do field work all day and have plenty of time to listen as they work.  In addition, the players are able to cross borders and are a blessing to persecuted believers.

Mike shipped 800 players to distribute at the Yexusfest but was disappointed that they remained in customs in Bangkok.  The players have now been released and will soon help to meet the need!