Scouting for extreme disciples of Jesus Christ!

In January Jeff & Sheny Walker started a scout type program with merit badges for young people from ages 10 and up. Each participant has a banner with their name and picture and places to put the badges. They are very excited about earning the merit badges. The Walkers are presently working on merit badges for Bible Studies, for learning musical instruments, and for playing them as part of the worship team. A few of the kids are new and have not accepted Christ yet, but through the Bible studies they are getting a clear understanding of salvation.

One twelve-year-old, excited about guitar lessons, has been coming consistently for the lessons as well as all the weekly activities and on Sundays.  So far five of the youth have passed the first level of piano—learning to play bass on the keyboard and playing three songs as part of the worship team on Sundays. Several are learning the guitar as well. Pray for them to stay motivated to keep working on their merit badges. Pray for God to raise up through this program more missionaries and Christian workers for the World Harvest.