Seeing fruit in ministry is exciting!

Bryan & Susan Nevin share about the progress that they are seeing in their church planting ministry in Mexico.

“A lady (the first convert at our church) prayed for two years that her husband would get saved.  He finally did!  His mother, however, didn’t want to come to church, would make fun of us, call us hypocrites, and definitely opposed our baptism.

“The mother struggled with anxiety as one of her sons was getting out of prison.  She always felt sick to her stomach and had headaches because of the anxiety.  The Christian son suggested to his mom that she should come for counseling.  Although she was very skeptical as this was not the traditional religion, she nevertheless started counseling and got saved!

“Within two months God has transformed her life.  Her daughter-in-law told us that she sees a 180 degree change in her.  The anxiety symptoms have disappeared she has learned to trust in God.  She used to pray to her images.  Now, she only prays to God.  She comes to church every week and we hope she will be baptized this summer.”

Photo taken at recent church retreat.