In Uganda the name “Nalongo” means a mother of twins.

Nalongo Byamukama and her babies passed through hardship in her home.  Her husband abandoned her and her babies without providing for their basic needs

It was during that time of suffering and abandonment that the saints of the Najjemba Worship Centre were doing house-to-house evangelism and shared the gospel with Nalongo Byamukama.  She decided to give her life to Jesus Christ.

Nalongo Byamukama is now one of the church members at the Najjemba Worship Centre…a living testimony in the community.  Her relatives are astonished by the transformation as the saints in the church continue to show brotherly love by providing clothes and food for her and her babies.

Aida Kalule shared that story from her ministry on the outskirts of Kampala, Uganda. Photo of inside the Najjemba Worship Centre.