“Waiting at an ‘exchange house’, a beautiful 22-year-old girl came to us

and said something,” Arturo & Silvia Tomé write from Puebla, Mexico.  “We didn’t understand her language.  Silvia said to her, ‘We speak English’.

“’S’ told us that she was from Lebanon. She had communicated via Internet with a young man from Puebla.  She thought that he loved her.  Wanting to surprise him, she arrived in Puebla without notice.  But the address of Jose was fake.

“She had arrived in Puebla two days before we met her and she didn’t know what to do. Her parents had died when she was twelve. She did not want to return to Lebanon, but it was expensive living in the hotel.

“She was very happy to meet us.  We told that we are Christians.  She said she would like to know about Christianity first-hand.  We didn’t know if we could trust what she said.  But she looked so helpless.  We prayed for the Lord’s guidance.

“We had no place in our house for her.  But Arturo’s brother had a room available.  His 19-year-old daughter had died a year ago. They were happy to have her.

“That was seven months ago.  ’S’ has attended our church faithfully and now speaks Spanish well.  She has memorized several chapters of Psalms. On December 6, 2016, she asked us to pray with her, asking Jesus to be her Savior. Silvia and I knelt with her.  She prayed, ‘Lord Jesus, you are not only a prophet, you are my Savior.’

“In January, 2017 she told us that she wants to be baptized. She has started the course for baptismal candidates.  The family of Arturo’s brother, in whose house she lives, are not Christians.  ‘S’ urges the whole family to read the Bible and to attend church.  She is a blessing and is seeking the Lord’s will for her life.”