“My work is with athletes, but every once in a while it takes an interesting turn,”

Abbey Reed (Mexico) writes.  “The volleyball team I’m working with participated in a national tournament and the organizers wanted everyone to have their patches on their uniforms.  But a group of girls knew nothing about sewing.  I got some thread, and some needles and had the girls over to my apartment to teach them how to sew on a patch.

“We ate Oreo’s and chatted up a storm.  The next thing I knew the girls were asking me why I was in Mexico. I was able to share my testimony with them and share why Jesus is so important to me that I would move here to share about Him with them.  I had no idea that little get together would lead to an opportunity to share with them.”

In a recent update, Abbey shared that when the girls returned from the Christmas break, they eagerly asked to begin Bible study.  Some of the girls had also accompanied her to church.