The refugee situation in Greece has often been in the news

…but not from a Christian perspective. Efthemes & Eirini Sioukiouroglou minister daily to refugees in Athens. Many refugees are coming to Christ and many more are asking for more biblical training. The Sioukiouroglous are encouraging Greek churches to provide such classes. In addition, the refugees need help in so many ways.

Efthemes & Eirini met “J” & “M”, a couple from Iran. The wife dreamed that on her trip to Greece, someone would speak to her about God. She also dreamed that she would be helped by a carpenter. She didn’t know that Jesus was a carpenter. Both are now Christians. The United Nations gave them a place to stay. But they left the apartment because there were many problems with a Muslim couple who also shared that apartment. The Sioukiouroglous met them at a park and were able to provide housing for them for a month.

A young man from Bangladesh became a Christian in a Greek refugee camp last year. His fellow Bangladeshis and roommates don’t like that and refuse to help him.

“A” and his mother are believers from Iran. He used drugs in Iran and started using drugs in Greece. The Sioukiouroglous are trying to get him help at a Christian rehabilitation center. “A” and his mother are very thankful because he will be able to stay at the center for at least 18 months, free of charge.