Physician for Body and Soul in Uganda

Some very simple medical procedures can save lives in many countries. Prince & Heidi Sabena welcomed a short term medical team to Uganda to provide medical care in a small village four hours away from the capital.  Simple procedures they performed allowed people to see again, give hope and even live.

One 11-year-old boy had an abscess growing in the back of his throat. It was getting so full of infection that it was closing off his airway.  He was dying a slow death.  The doctors were able to numb it slightly with some topical anesthetic (which is all they had) lance and drain it.  The boy will be fine.  Something that simple saved a life!

In comparison, we have nothing to complain about.  We have modern medicine for the body and the Great Physician for the soul!

Caring for Children in Venezuela

Three young brothers attend the rural church in La Ceiba, Venezuela.  They come from a broken home. This often means that they do not have a place to eat or sleep.

One of the brothers had a bad leg infection.  It took three surgeries to clean it and several weeks in the public hospital for his malnourished body to fight the infection.  Miraculously his leg was saved. He continues the recovery process in the home of Said and Laideth, who are part of the church leadership team.

The dire situation of these brothers as well as other children caused Guillermo & Marcia Aguilar to wonder how to best meet this need. Taking a step of faith, the decision was made to purchase a house directly in front of the La Ceiba church.  Now Guillermo & Marcia are looking for coworkers who will be able to take care of the children. The brothers have had little formal education, so they will be attending the local school.

Guillermo & Marcia Aguilar are presently on leave-of absence, and yet continue to be actively involved in the ministry in Venezuela by making regular trips. Photo of early ministry at La Ceiba in 2012.

Ministry in Hindu Villages

“In remote Hindu villages multiple generations often live together in the same house, and a parent’s authority over the child can continue well into adulthood. In one such village after we held outreaches for a week a young woman named ‘A’ told us that even though she feared being ridiculed and kicked out of her home, she wanted to become a Christian “no matter what”. She trusted Christ that day for her salvation. Please pray for ‘A’ as we seek to help her grow in Christ in the years to come.”

M & L are evangelizing the unsaved and strengthening believers in Asia.

God’s Word Reaches the Hmong in Asia

Solar powered audio players are having an impact in the lives of the Hmong in Southeast Asia. Mike Zeek has loaded MegaVoice players with 265 hours of teaching in the Hmong language, including the entire Bible.  This nontraditional approach to teaching the Word is being used by God to make disciples of Jesus Christ among the Hmong.

Mike writes, “I recently talked with a Hmong elder in Laos, who has believers coming from different villages in the area and asking for more audio players. Requests are coming to him not only from Laos, but also from Burma (Myanmar), which is more than 250 miles away. Currently, there are only two audio players in Burma. No one really knows how many Hmong live there, as Burma has been a closed country with vast mountainous areas where there are no roads.”

“Through the distribution of 650 audio players to date, we can conservatively say that thousands of Hmong believers are being rooted in the Word of God.”

Mike plans a trip to Thailand in February to update old players as well as distribute additional players.  Mike & Sonja Zeek reside in Pennsylvania.  Photo of Mike giving instruction about the MegaVoice.

Cara Capps- Argentina

Please pray for healing and strength for Cara as she is battling the flu.  Pray for continuation of ministry while she is sick.

Skip and Rosie Kite- Children’s Ministry

Please pray for Skip’s Africa trip Dec 27-Jan 16 in which he will train pastors, lay leaders and teachers in the Kampala, Uganda area.  Pray for many to receive Christ at the children’s evangelism rallies.  Pray for Jessie’s health and for ongoing discipleship and prison ministries in the US.

Kazu and Amy Kato- Japan

Please pray for the kids attending English school- for response to the Gospel and for an interest in attending Sunday school.  Pray for salvation for these students and their families.  Pray for good health for Amy and Kazu, and for their church ministry.

Scheuditz, Germany Church Celebrates 10 Years

“God has allowed this church to grow in the center of this very atheistic city!”  Mindy Boyd writes about the 10-year anniversary of the church in Schkeuditz, Germany in August.  “It was very well received in the city.  Many came out to celebrate with us…even people that we’d never met before and who were simply curious to see what went on in our building that they once knew as a school.  It gave us the opportunity to connect with many new people and also re-connect with others who have been a part of the ministry here over the years. It is exciting to see how God continues to bring people to Himself!”

Aida Kalule- Uganda

Please pray for God’s wisdom and direction for the church ministry in the area.  Pray for continued grace as Aida and family grieve the loss of Charles, who went home to be with the Lord last year.

Lonnie and Ruth Hodge- Bolivia

Please pray for God’s direction with plans involving the Bible school.  Pray for Ruth’s work with students at Carachipampa school.  Pray for health and strength, for local pastors, and opportunities to share the Gospel and disciple believers.