Hannah Stump- Togo

Please pray that many school children and families would come to a saving knowledge of Christ through the school and church ministries.  Pray for a growing skill level with the Ewe language.  Pray for safety in upcoming travels to the US and planned return to Togo.

Jeff and Sheny Walker- Mexico

Jeff & Sheny Walker recently held a missionary training camp for fourteen youths in Aguascalientes, Mexico. “They learned different methods of evangelism and we daily took them to a park to practice.  All the young people showed sincere interest.  They finished the week on fire for the Lord.

“Saturday we held a missions festival.  The youth prepared displays and shared about several unreached countries in great need of missionaries.   On Sunday we had a time for the youth to share what they learned from the training camp.  It was a wonderful time of testimonies of youth on fire for the Lord, and wanting to serve the Lord as missionaries.  We pray that these youth will continue to grow and be involved in evangelism and that their zeal for the evangelism and missions can spread to both congregations.”

Kevin and Alina Beach- Mexico

Kevin & Alina Beach are encouraged in their church planting ministry in Nayarit, Mexico.  They are seeing God working in couples who put Christ at the center of their relationships.  The Beaches write:

“When J & M first started coming to the midweek Bible study, they were separated. Now they are back together and learning how to love each other–the biblical way!  H & V are also learning to appreciate each other the love and respect way!”

“C” and “E” have been living together.  “E” has been sitting under the teaching of God’s Word for some months.  “C” received the Lord at the Beach’s kitchen table recently along with his daughter.  They are growing in the Lord.  Although “C” struggles with leaving the world and living for Jesus, he keeps coming.  Not long ago “E” told “C” that she now realizes that they need to be married.  Kevin comments, “I love to see the Holy Spirit bring out the fruit of conviction from God’s Word in people’s lives!”




Granddaughter of David and Denise Love-Update

Praise the Lord that little Katie is being released from the hospital.  Please pray for complete healing and recovery as she will be on very restricted activity for the next few months.  Pray for the family as they care for her.

Guillermo and Marcia Aguilar- Venezuela

Please pray for the upcoming ministry trip to Venezuela July 9.  Pray for the leadership group overseeing three Venezuelan churches.  Praise for Simon’s graduation, and pray for Sara and David as well.

Granddaughter of David and Denise Love-Medical Request

Please pray for Katie, four year old granddaughter of David and Denise Love.  She fell on the wooden platform of a playground slide yesterday and has a skull fracture.  Praise that she has just been moved out of ICU.  Pray for complete healing, comfort, the Lord’s peace, and for the family and doctors as they care for her.

Mike and Sonja Zeek-USA/Hmong

Please pray for the audio players as they are sent out to the Hmong, for clear audibility and for the message of Scripture and salvation to reach many.  Pray for the translators, and that the Lord would continue to provide funding for Project 316.  Pray for Mike and Sonja as they educate their children and raise support for the ministry.

Takuji and Hiroko Yamazaki- Japan

Please pray for growth within the Toyohashi church.   Pray for Grace Chapel in Okazaki.  Pray for the ministry at Camp Bethel.

Jeff and Sheny Walker- Mexico

Please pray for growth in the local church through outreach and cell groups.  Pray for leadership for the new church plant.  Pray for ongoing strength and outreach through the camps, that the Lord would draw many campers to attend and trust in Christ.

Steve and Sabrina Vance- Brazil/US Assignment

Please pray for Steve and Sabrina in their responsibilities as missionaries in residence at Letourneau University.  Pray for Ana Julia as she grows in the Lord.  Pray for God’s direction for future ministry.