Ministry in Mexico- Tim and Barbara Lee Glessner

2015-06-26 - Glessner

Tim & Barbara Lee Glessner are planting a church in a difficult area of Puebla, Mexico.  They write about a young man coming to services., “’E’ is a young man who started attending church and accepted Christ this year. It has been a joy to watch him grow in commitment even in ‘persecution’ as he is catching flak both at work and from family for his new faith. We baptized him and give thanks for the growth in his life.”

Photo of Tim Glessner (left)

Ministry in the Universities- Bob and Susie Lawton

2015-06-19 - Lawton

This photo of the cross by Lake Ontario was sent to Bob & Susie Lawton, who minister to Asian scholars, researchers and students at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD.

The Lawtons were on an outing with the researchers.  Susie breathed a prayer as she boarded the bus for the one-hour trip, “Lord where should I sit?  Please give ‘God’ conversations.”  Her prayers were answered.  While sharing the Gospel with interested seekers, one responded, “I have never heard this before.” It’s God’s work to give spiritual life.  Please pray for these and others like them to come to true faith in Christ.

Efthemes and Eirini Sioukiouroglou-Greece

Please pray for our visit to the USA this summer, for everything to go smoothly. We also need a car. If anyone can lend us a car from June 25th until August 10th it will be a great blessing.  Please let us know if you can help us with this need.   You may email to us:  We need your prayers for our partners at our Center.  Our partners  will continue the operation of the Crossroads Refugee Center. Pray for them for continued strength and blessing to other refugees.

Health Update-Missionary in Australia

Praise the Lord that our missionary has come through the surgery.  There were some complications which were resolved.  Pray for low blood pressure to return to normal levels and for the long recovery ahead.

Health Request- Australia

Please pray for one of our missionaries who will undergo surgery today and will be in recovery for the next 4-6 weeks.  Pray for healing, comfort and encouragement, and for her family and ministries as she recovers.

Counseling in Uganda- Prince and Heidi Sabena


R. is one of the girls who got involved in the biblical counseling program that Prince & Heidi Sabena offered in Kampala, Uganda. Although she was raised in a church, she did not know Christ. God used the counseling classes and her relationship with Heidi and other students in our class to cause her to realize her need for salvation. She now acknowledges Christ as Savior and Lord and is growing in her knowledge and love for God.

Alex is a fairly new Christian whom Prince helped to ground in the Word.  He is also a lawyer…and lawyers in Uganda are so often focused on the money.  A husband came to Alex seeking a divorce because the wife does not submit to him.  The wife does not want a divorce.  Alex sought out a biblical counselor for her.

Prince & Heidi write, “This blessed our hearts so much to hear of a lawyer in Uganda who not only cares about his wallet but also genuinely cares for the greater need of his client’s heart.  We are thrilled that he would help this hurting woman legally but also point her to another woman who could help her know Jesus as she walks through this journey.”


FIM Board of Directors-USA

Please pray for the Lord’s wisdom and direction as the Board of Directors will meet on Friday 12 June.  Pray for clarity with decision making, and pray for health concerns among some of the board members’ families.

Rick and Carol Hudson- USA

Please pray for Rick and Carol as they mobilize missionaries and facilitate many in fulfilling their call to the mission field.  Pray for their role as they minister to candidates this week during orientation.  Pray for safety as they travel this summer.

N and C- Africa

Please pray for N as she attends candidate orientation this week.  Pray for spiritual refreshment, God’s direction with ministry, and for her family back in Africa while she is in the US.  Pray for peace in Africa as newly elected government leaders begin their terms.

Lucio and Amanda Gallo- Argentina

Please pray for Lucio and Amanda and their daughter Melissa as they attend candidate orientation this week.  Pray for a time of spiritual refreshment and for the Lord’s direction for their ministry in Argentina.