Lucio and Amanda Gallo- Argentina

Please pray that God would provide many opportunities for them to share the ministry with churches and friends in CT and other areas in the US.  Pray for the ongoing church planting work in Salta.  Praise for the church ministry and supporters God has provided.



You never know when an opportunity will arise…

…to put your training into practice.  J & J (Europe) provided examples of their former students being prepared when recent needs arose.

“In June, a 17-year-old girl disappeared on her way home from her summer job at a café. Hundreds of people joined the police in the search. Her body was found a few days later.  A seminary grad who had taken four of J’s counseling courses and now pastors a church was the crisis counselor who headed up the efforts to comfort those who had been deeply affected by the murder.”

“A recent Islamic terrorist attack in Africa resulted in the deaths of a significant number of people.  A couple who had both been trained by J to do counseling during their four years of seminary education and had participated in his preparation for marriage seminar prior to their marriage, are now engaged in evangelism and church planting in the very area where this attack took place.  Their counseling training is now having an impact following this traumatic event.”

“We attended a summer conference recently where one of the Bible teachers for the week was one of J’s first students.  This man is now a respected denominational leader, a teacher, a prolific author and travel guide for trips to Israel.  After listening to his Bible study of an Old Testament text, we agreed that it was the best Bible teaching we had heard in a long time.  What deep satisfaction to hear and see the results of the investment made in the life of a young theology student!”

Erisa and Naoto Funada- USA/Japan

Please pray for the continuing education process in preparation for counseling and other ministry among Japanese speaking people groups.  Pray for God’s direction for future plans.

Samuel and Patience-USA/Africa

Please pray for health concerns for Samuel.  Pray for the church plant in Dallas TX, for Samuel’s teaching of Africans by phone and online, and for seminary project preparations.

Ekwues 2005

David and Stephanie Cook-Japan

Please pray for David and Stephanie as they study the Japanese language in the US with a planned return date to Japan in 2018.  Pray for the families of the local church and preschool students in Japan.  Pray for David and Stephanie’s two small children.

David and Stephanie Cook



Julie Walker-USA

Praise the Lord for the last three blessing-filled years in the Lord’s service through kids clubs, orphanage ministry, camp and youth ministries.  Please pray for Julie as she makes the transition to River View Christian Academy in California to work as a dorm parent alongside struggling teen girls.  Pray for strength and wisdom as she works with these teens.  Pray also for her studies as she works toward a Masters in Family Life Education, and that her relationship with God will grow even stronger through this experience.

Julie Walker - October 2012

“God did it! I didn’t do anything!”

Mindy Boyd was leading a Bible study in Schkeuditz, Germany that Christians as well as non-believing women attended. She ordered a new Bible study booklet, Foundations of the Faith, which she planned to work her way through with a woman she led to the Lord. When it book arrived in the mail, Mindy laid it on her kitchen table and continued on with her day.

After the ladies Bible study at her house, a couple of women who are really searching and asking questions about Christianity, noticed that book lying on the table, paged through it, and asked Mindy what it was. When she explained it to them, they both became very interested and mentioned that they would love to work through something like that.

Mindy is excited that God is at work and she “just happened” to be there! She wrote, “The one single thing that I had done was lay the book on the table.  God pointed it out to them and stirred in their hearts to want to read and work through it. We are now in the fifth week of a new group of ladies meeting!  Please pray for them as they learn and search the Scriptures.”

Saved, and he didn’t even…

know it.  This is how Bryan & Susan Nevin described one young Mexican man who has been coming to church services for months. He comes from a traditional religious background and for the longest time said that he was not a Christian, but of that religion.

Bryan wrote that a few months earlier, the young man told him that he liked coming to their services and that his life has been changing since he has been meeting with the believers.

He asked, “Don’t you and my religion worship the same God?” Bryan replied, “Yes.” “But,” he continued to probe, “how would someone of your religion answer the question, ‘How do you have peace with God?’” He answered, “By works.”

Bryan asked, “What does the Bible say?” His reply was, “By faith.”  Bryan asked him who he is trusting in.  He said “God.”

Bryan then told him, “Even though you don’t realize it, you are a Christian.”

Bryan wrote, “This past Sunday was the first time that he told me that he was a Christian.  He told me that he is not ready to be baptized yet.  He still lives with his parents and all his family is from the traditional religion. I don’t know what it is like for him at home, but I imagine that this is what is slowing him down.”

Photo of Bryan Nevin in front.

2015-08-21 - Nevin

Hannah Stump- Togo

Please pray for Hannah as she works with the schools in Togo- particularly in the middle school.  Pray for the Lord to move in the students’ hearts and for Hannah to be able to speak His truth into their lives.  Pray for ongoing Bible studies with the female teachers and middle school girls.  Pray for God’s provision for the Christian school teachers’ needs.

Roselee Farber- With the Lord

Please pray for the family and loved ones of retired missionary Roselee Farber, who went home to be with the Lord on Thursday August 13.