Refugees Now Pouring Into Greece- Sioukiouroglou Report

Thousands of refugees are coming to Greece every day. First to the Islands: by boat,on foot, by swimming, and sometimes by jet ski.
Refugee Diaspora
For many, the Greek coastline is the first time they have seen the sea, and since January, the Greek coast guard has rescued 80,000 people. Around 500,000 people have already passed through Greece, and another one million are expected to pour in from the coast of Turkey. This August alone, 108,000 people came to Greece.
There are families with small children and babies, single men and married men, and people in general who are looking for better future, who carry with them a dream for them or their family.
They are moving very fast. They stay in Athens maybe one or two days, and then continue their trip to the borders and on to Europe. People who have money catch a bus to the country of FYROM (the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia), north of Greece, then on to Europe. These are unique years. Muslim people are coming to us – not us to them – and we have to seize the day.
Refugee Outreach
We continue our main program at the Crossroads Center, but also go with our Christian refugee brothers to the new arrivals. We give them tea – distributing 90 cups in less than 30 seconds – and we talk with them, handing out Christian leaflets and asking how we can pray for them. We can’t afford to give them much, but we do our best. We don’t have much time with them, but we have enough time to plant a seed and show them Jesus’ love. This last week was particularly difficult. We experienced very heavy rains, so heavy we could not see six feet in front of us. Everywhere was chaotic: these people could not protect themselves, and even the Greeks suffered from the blast.
Refugee Children
Another developing situation is families who are abandoning their children. They don’t have money to pay for their papers, so they are leaving them behind with other people. Also, organized crime brings children to Europe with evil intent: some for sexual abuse, some for human organ trade, and everything else we can imagine.  One Greek non-profit organization, Praxis, mentions the route of this kind of crime has changed and is now coming to Europe. They try to rescue these children but the Greek government isn’t prepared, and there is no place for them to stay.


We are here in Greece, with a call to work for His Kingdom. Some rich people of the world are playing the “Game of Thrones,” but as children of the Mighty Lord of the universe, we are working for the “Lord’s Throne.”
We need you. Would you partner with us in this unique time in history? We need your prayers every day! Also, should God prompt you to help us reach even more people, donations may be made through Fellowship International Mission ( Please designate funds to Crossroads Refugee Center.
Thank you for your continued prayers, and may God pour out His blessings upon you.
Eirini & Efthemes

For any donation mail to our mission indicating
if it is personal or for Crossroads Center, thank you.
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Basque Ministry- Snodgrass- Answered Prayer

Praise the Lord for answering prayers and opening up good communication with printing businesses in Spain.   As the Lord enables and wills, a faithful translation of the Gospel of John in Euskara will be ready to be printed within two weeks.



Frank and Rebecca Arellanes- Mexico

Please pray for God’s direction regarding location for ministry and church plants.  Pray for the churches in Puerta Vallarta and Najarit. Pray for three daughters Kendra, Kristiana and Karissa.

Gailyn Agar- USA/Venezuela

Praise the Lord for Gailyn’s ministry to the deaf community.  Please pray that God would provide a buyer for her house.  She hopes to return soon to Venezuela.

Basque Ministry- Snodgrass

Please pray that the Lord will enable the printer in Spain to communicate clearly with Sam and Joanie so that the Gospel of John and CEF tract publications can go out on schedule.

A very interesting group of young people…

…come out to Synergy on Sunday nights in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.  Half of them are born again, and a good percentage of those teens really want to grow in their faith.  The other half are just as lost as they can be, but still come out every week for the activities and to hang out with their friends.  This is very exciting, but it poses a real challenge every week for Jerad as he prepares his talks.  He asks for prayer for wisdom and boldness and that his words would be God’s words.

God has opened up many doors for Jerad & Wanda Mellette to share the Gospel with so many unsaved teens.  Last Sunday they had their first Synergy Youth Worship Night. The entire evening was just teen-led worship and testimony time.  It was such a hit that they are going to make it a monthly thing.

The Mellettes are also beginning a College and Career group for anyone age 17 and older.  In addition, Wanda was recently asked by a group of five young single ladies if she’d be willing to lead them in a Bible study, and she’s tickled to death to do it!  As Jerad says, “We have so much to be thankful for!”

Hemen T. – Eye Surgery

Please be in prayer for Hemen in Africa.  She will undergo eye surgery on Monday 28 September.

The mighty hand of God blessed…

…the summer youth outreach called “Camp Radical 2015”. He poured out His grace and truth on about 200 young people who attended in Arandas, Jalisco, Mexico. Some of the youth were radically transformed by the Gospel. Many of the young people have given themselves to the Lord for whatever He calls them to do.

Frank & Rebecca Arellanes organized the camp. They minister to youth in the Puerta Vallarta area of Mexico in addition to being involved in a church planting team.

Venezuela- Aguilar/Whitmore Ministry- Pray for I.

One of the children from La Ceiba named I., who is probably 9 years old, was taken to the hospital last night with an infection in his leg.  If it doesn’t improve quickly they will have to amputate the leg.  Mother is a drug addict, separated from father.  The 3 boys, I. is the middle one, are basically on their own.  Pray for the best medicine to be available at the public hospital.

The showing of the movie ‘The Passion of the Christ’

…was scheduled for a plaza across the street from a Catholic church in a small community in Jujuy in northern Argentina. When the pastor along with FIM missionary, Jose Ferrero, realized that the Catholic church was having a special mass at the same time, they situated the speakers so they wouldn’t bother the people inside the church. They then proceeded with the evangelistic event, holding their breath, thinking that someone might complain.

To their surprise, when the mass let out, most of those inside the church came and watched the movie. The audience swelled from 60 to well over 400. Jose said that he had never seen so many people at an evangelistic showing of a movie. After the movie, Jose presented the Gospel, and many people raised their hand at the time of the invitation. There were so many that they were unable to talk to each one.

Jose & Mary Ferrero are involved in evangelism in Argentina.