Dan and Dorothy Case- Mexico

Praise for God’s grace which is at work among some couples  in the community around Oaxaca.  Pray for Filo as she leads a Chatino Bible study, and as she is translating 1 John.  Pray for God’s provision for the translation work:  another helper, funding for salaries and printing.  Pray for leadership and direction for the church in El Carrizal.  Pray for the future possibilities for Mariano as he grows in the Lord.  Pray for Sharon, Samuel, Andrew and Janet.

Cara Capps- Argentina

Praise for a wonderful time of home assignment.  Pray that God will provide a full-time worker for Rivadavia.  Pray for direction regarding ministry target locations.  Pray for ongoing physical recovery and health concerns.

Leadership Africa Trip Oct 26-Nov 9

Please be in prayer for Steve Wilt and Dean Ressler as they travel to Africa to visit with missionaries the Shellys, Dr. and Mrs. C.T., the Sabenas, Aida Kalule, Christy Sopcisak, Hannah Stump, missionaries in Ghana and the Bisbees.  Pray for travel mercies, good health, and encouragement for the missionaries.

Ken and Mary Cairns- Fiji

Please pray for the Lami church:  for completion of the new building scheduled for November 21, for the lay pastor, for the two elders, and for upcoming transition.  Pray for Mary’s mentoring ministry.

U.S. Assignment Impacts Ministry On the Field

“Furlough (U.S. Assignment) has resulted in the greatest detriment to our ministry on the field,” said a veteran missionary reflecting on his many years of service.  He elaborated that during his absence changes were instituted that countered the goals that he was trying to achieve.

Because of that, some missionaries take shorter furloughs. But other missionaries do not have that flexibility.  Their children might be in a school on the field, studying in the local language.  When they come to North America, they need to switch to studying in English.  That requires an entire school year, and many tears…

Missionaries returning to the field are eager to see firsthand how the ministry has gone during their absence. Don & Lorraine Nickerson recently returned to their church planting ministry in Ishikawa, Japan.  They were encouraged to find the Noto Bible Church in good condition.  They also encountered a nine-year old boy who has professed salvation in Christ.  As is the case with many who make a profession of salvation, the boy needs more understanding and needs to be instructed.  But it is nevertheless an encouragement because In Japan, churches are very small and professions of faith come very slow!  (Photo of the Noto Bible Church)

John and Judy- Europe

Pray for health and strength for both John and Judy with their full ministry schedules this fall.  Pray for John’s teaching, mentoring, counseling and preaching schedule.  Pray with them as they seek to prioritize what is most crucial for long-range ministry and for leaving a legacy in their region of Europe.  Pray for Judy’s marriage seminar project.

Roli and Ruthann Delgadillo- Argentina

Please pray for Roli, Ruthann and the Delgadillo family as they mourn the loss of Roli’s father.

Mindy Boyd- Germany

Praise for how God is at work through the women’s Bible study.  Pray for wisdom to answer the ladies’ questions clearly in the German language.  Pray for the church in Schkeuditz as they seek to connect with new people coming to the area.  Pray for direction for Mindy as she needs to move to a new apartment as of January 2016.

Fellowship International Mission (FIM) is not only about…

career missionaries.  Short-term, internships and mid-term (six months to two years) missions involvement is also welcome.  Hannah Stump is in her second year of teaching in Togo in a network of 14 grade schools and one middle school. She writes, “In the middle of our third week of school, we have many reasons to praise God.  Almost all of our schools and especially the middle school have seen growth in enrollment, which means more students will be surrounded by Christ-loving teachers and be taught the wonderful truths of the Gospel.  After hosting professional development seminars for our teachers during the vacation, we are seeing improvements in their teaching methods and classroom management.  After-school Bible studies started this week at the middle school and because we have some Togolese women from the community who are helping with the girls, we are able to have several small groups.  Our students are facing some challenging problems and we are thankful they have a safe place to receive biblical advice and support.”

Photo of Hannah with some of her students. For more information about short-term, internships and mid-term possibilities, contact Gary at gary@fim.org.car

Craig and Debbie Borgard- Germany

*Praise the Lord for Bible study with refugees.

*Pray for R. and N. to find a sound Bible church in Hamburg and for Christians to come alongside them and help them to continue to grow in their faith.

*Pray for completion of the church building in Rachita.

*A short term team will be traveling to Romania again November 14 – 24.  Please pray that as the gospel is preached, it will bring much fruit. Please pray also for the resources needed– benzene for 2 vehicles, food for families, shoe box gifts.

*Please pray with us that the Lord would supply everything Philipp needs to go through Bible school.

*Pray for the church in Halle.