Gallo Family Is Commissioned!

How exciting to see laborers sent forth into the harvest field!  Last Sunday (November 22, 2015), Lucio & Amanda Gallo were commissioned by their sending church, Christian Fellowship Church of Scotland, Connecticut.  Two days later they flew to Salta, a city of 600,000 in northern Argentina, where they seek to plant new churches, prepare faithful servants that have been called by God and provide help in different churches.

Sending missionaries out to fulfill the Great Commission involves a team.  There are those—like Gallos—who go.  But there are others who are just as much a part of the Lord’s work by praying and giving.  At this Thanksgiving season, we want to say “Thank you” once again to ALL those who are actively involved in fulfilling the Great Commission.

Tim and Barbara-Lee Glessner- Mexico

Please pray for all of the fall season outreach activities, especially the flag football league.  Pray for short-termer Amanda as she has been discipling some girls and is now wrapping up her time ministering with the Glessners.  Pray for discipleship and growth among new believers, and for families within the church who have economic needs.  Praise the Lord for keeping the church going strong for the last two years!

John and Beverly Frizelle- New Zealand

Please pray for the men’s ministry, praise and prayer for new people coming to church, and for health concerns.  God is good!

Gilberto and Helen Filsinger- Brazil

Please pray for God’s direction for the ministry, also for the Semibe mission trips, scholarships, and the mailbox club ministry.  Pray for additional support income needs, and for Giba and Helen’s grown children.

Jose and Mary Ferrero- Argentina

Please pray for decisions about summer camps.  Pray for a job for Jonathan in the US, and pray that God will provide additional funding for the ministry.

A Basque Cyclist Hears the Gospel

“A friend in Nevada asked if we could host a young Basque cyclist for a few days when he came to the Boise area,” Sam Snodgrass writes.  “Being a cyclist myself and having enjoyed my friend’s hospitality on a couple of my bike trips in Nevada, we agreed to welcome the young man into our home.

“Several days later, “X” showed-up in our driveway.  Because I had work to get done, I couldn’t spend much time with him on the first day that he was with us. That was not an issue for him, since he had some work to do on his bike and a few people to visit in Boise.  However, I spent the whole second day with him playing pala in the Boise fronton and taking him around to see some of the sights.

“As we had prayed, the Lord opened the door to share the gospel with him.  As in so many other occasions with other Basques, “X” expressed curiosity about our faith in Christ and asked questions.  While I was disappointed that he did not come to faith in Christ, I rejoice in knowing that he has heard the gospel. What’s more, we are friends on Facebook!”

Sam & Joanie Snodgrass minister to Basques and are involved in Scripture translation in the Euskera language.  They reside in Idaho.

Martin and Rose Ebel- Australia

Praise that Rose’s post-surgery pain has eased, and praise for safe travels to and from doctor visits.  Please pray for continued recovery for Rose, and healing for Pam.  Pray for the church in Woorabinda– that those who have fallen away from the Lord will return.  Pray for the community of Woorabinda and for financial needs.

Roli and Ruthann Delgadillo- Argentina

Please pray for safety and opportunities to share Christ through the ministry as they make regular trips to Galpon.  Pray for the elders and families in the Metan church.  Pray for comfort upon the recent loss of Roli’s father.

Sioukiouroglou Crossroads Ministry- Greece

Praise the Lord for a generous turnout for the Crossroads fundraising dinner.  Pray for follow-up efforts and safe travel back to Greece for Eirini Tuesday, November 17.  Pray for resources to minister to the needs of the hundreds of thousands of refugees pouring into Greece, and for opportunities to share Christ with them.

Jerad Mellette is no stranger…

Jerad Mellette is no stranger to dysfunctional homes, having been a behavioral therapist as an employee of Pennsylvanian counseling services before he and his wife, Wanda, became missionaries to Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Jerad got to know 16-year-old “R” because of his Bible study in the public High School.  She began coming to the youth group that Mellettes lead in their church,  December of last year.  Then she dropped off the radar.  Jerad discovered that she had checked herself into rehab for abusing marijuana and codeine.  When she got out in July, she resumed attending the youth group.  She even got involved in helping out behind the scenes with the Vacation Bible School program at church.

When Jerad and Wanda took her out to lunch, she just kept looking at the menu and said, “I’ve never ordered from a menu before”.  She confided that her mom and mom’s boyfriend continue to abuse drugs in the home, and have no desire to stop.

When “R’s” caseworker tried to move her into foster care, she expressed that she wanted to “be in a religious home where I can learn more about God”.  She longed for a family environment that offered structure and accountability.  She is a very good student (mostly A’s) and wants to go to college to be a teacher.

The Mellette’s hearts were broken for her.   So it was with eyes wide open they invited the young lady to move in with them.  During this process, “R” trusted in Christ for salvation!  And to top it off, she got baptized in October!

Photo of Jerad & Wanda Mellette with some of the Montreal, Quebec youth group.