Pray for Leadership Team Travel

Please pray for safety and protection for Steve Wilt and Dean Ressler as they travel from Dakar to Pennsylvania today.

God answers prayer!

FIM missionary, Diana Chinn, and others have been praying for the people in the small town of Czersk, Poland, desiring to see God build the body of Christ in this small town.  God is answering prayer!  It has been such a joy to see the fruit of hard labor…this small group of believers!  God is good.

One night they had an evening of testimonies. Both young and old shared their life stories of how God met them where they were at and how He changed their lives.  It was a great night of encouragement.  There were tears, laughter and hugs.  It is amazing how the body of Christ can be united so quickly because of our common Father and Savior.

“The hardest thing that I’ve had to do…

…is to retire from the mission field,” reminisced a missionary after decades on the field. Of course it is a joy to see believers mature and assume leadership in churches.  But that doesn’t soften the pain of saying “good-bye” to your dear spiritual children.

Ken & Mary Cairns are in that position after 45 years of ministry on the Fiji islands. They had a church planting and development ministry in different locations on the island over the years.

Reflecting on the past, they recall an attempt to remove them from the country. On another occasion a church was taken away from them.  But they are excited that God helped them walk through those lonely crises.  Today He has raised up elders and a godly lay pastor to lead the indigenous work!  Ken writes, “God is good. His ways are higher than ours.”

Photo of Ken Cairns (L.) officiating at the induction of deacons in one Fijian church.