‘S’ had a difficult upbringing…

The young man’s mother left him and the family when he was very young, and his father asked him to find his own place when he was 16.  When Craig & Debbie Borgard first met ‘S’ about two years ago, he was shy, reserved and stayed away from being in a group of people. Over the past year he has accepted more of Craig & Debbie’s invitations to come to things like a hymn sing and Thanksgiving celebration. He also went with the Borgards to Romania last May to deliver shoe box care packages to gypsy children. The young man not only helped the team in many ways, but he also attended devotions each morning. During the Thanksgiving meal, the Borgards asked each one to tell something for which they were thankful.  ‘S’ also gave thanks.  When he signed their guest book, he wrote that he is amazed at how welcome he feels at their Christian activities and among the Christians he has been meeting.  Please pray that ‘S’ would find his hope in the Gospel and from God’s Word. Craig & Debbie pray that he would be open to going through a discipleship course together with them.

Craige & Debbie Borgard are involved in a church planting team in Halle, Germany where people are steeped in atheism after years under Communism. Photo of gypsy children in Romania.

“I was struck by how privileged we are and how poor they are…

By ‘poor,’ I mean both material and spiritual poverty.”  Prince Sabena tells of his trip to rural western Uganda, where a national pastor planted three churches 2 to 4 years ago.

The first day, Prince thought he was going to meet the people who would be attending the seminar, but had to preach three impromptu sermons. The people were so hungry for God’s Word.

A total of 23 people from two tribes and two languages attended the seminar the next day. Everything was translated into two languages for all to understand.  Prince reports, “I spoke for 4 hours straight in the first session.  This was not my intention but they were so eager to learn and kept asking me to keep going until we finally reached lunchtime.

“After lunch they could have had me go on all night long.  It was amazing to see how hungry they were for the Word.  I told them right from the beginning that we would be spending a lot of our time reading and studying different Scriptures. You could tell that they don’t do this often because they were so excited to read any passage of Scripture out loud.”

The third day was devoted to sharing the gospel in the mountains. Photo of Prince (right) sharing at one home.  Prince & Heidi Sabena are involved in discipleship and counseling in Uganda.

Mark and Carole Landis- Mexico

Please pray for students at the Bible Institute- for good health and effective study.  Pray for the church leadership as they shepherd the church body.

Reaching People for Christ in Ireland

Reaching people for Christ is a process…sometimes a long process. Dan & Melody Nickel in Ireland wrote, “I have been visiting ‘M’, a friend, for almost 20 years.  He has experienced a lot of tragedy and hardships in his life. After a heart attack he decided it was time to take a stand, in spite of all his problems, and study the Word.  He is attending the men’s study, doing well and is growing in the Lord.  He is a reminder to us to be patient and not give up on people.”

Dinah Kwao- Ghana

Please pray for growth of the local church.  Pray for good health and time management as medical ministry is scheduled among villages.  Praise for the birth of a new grandson.

C. and H. T.- Africa

Please pray for the family as H.’s mother has passed away to be with the Lord.  Pray for H. as she is grieving, as well as her siblings and the entire family.  Pray for safe travels for the family as they plan services.

Emilie and Jeremy Knickerbocker- France

Pray for God’s clear direction for work and ministry, and for Him to provide good contacts for evangelism.

Sharing the Gospel in Northern Argentina

With the help of seven Bible Institute students, Lucio & Amanda Gallo were able to share the Gospel throughout the entire neighborhood of Villa Soledad in northern Argentina, where they are planting a new church.  Over 200 families in a radius of about 47 blocks heard the Gospel.  Forty people made professions of salvation!

A few days before Christmas, Amanda and a few ladies from the church made Christmas cards with a greeting and invitation to join us on Sunday. Those homemade cards were given to each of the forty contacts. They saw Gods hand as that Sunday the church was overflowing with people.