“I was living in such a deep sadness and disappointment …

…that my only purpose was to take my life, not caring about the love of my kids, much less of God.  Many times, I thought it would be better to die.  I was very close to doing it.  But thanks to God that He sent you to cross my path, and I didn’t do it.”

Bryan & Susan Nevin, starting a church in Mexico, received this letter expressing gratitude from a lady in their church the day before they returned for U.S. Assignment. The letter writer continued, “Even though I had almost eight years of knowing God, I believe that I hadn’t totally accepted Him.  Now, for the first time, I have felt the peace, forgiveness, love, and all the hope that with God all things are possible.

“I know that this trip is to report to your supporters on what you are doing here. I hope this letter can help as a testimony for your churches.  Tell them that God has used you for the health of my life, but above all, my soul.  I’m infinitely thankful.”

There is a pilgrimage in northern Argentina…

every summer. José Ferrero wrote, “I went on a mission trip with FIM missionaries (Cara Capps, Roly and Ruthann Delgadillo) who live in Salta, and a couple from a church in Buenos Aires.  We set out for the capital of Salta, where there was a pilgrimage in process.

The “faithful” come from all over to pray and make promises to the Virgen of the Miracles. We prepared bags with bottled water, crackers and a tract, and stood beside the highway and handed out the bags to those making the pilgrimage. We also set up some chairs beside the van if anyone needed to sit down and rest. Many accepted the bag, but didn’t want to stop, but some did, and we were able to present the Gospel to them.”

Marcia Montenegro- CANA USA


*Feb. 29, Airing of radio interview as guest of Janet Mefferd.
*April 9, Olney, MD, Olney Baptist Church, Speaking at Apologetics Conference.
 *April 10, Olney, MD, Olney Baptist Church, Speaking to Sunday School class on the New Age.

*May 13-14, Chicago, IL (Palatine), will be a plenary and a workshop Speaker at the EMNR (Evangelical Ministries to New Religions) Conference. Theme of Conference is “The Church: An Embassy in a Culture of False Belief,” at New Hope Community Church, Palatine, IL. Please pray for safe travel (by air) and the arrangements, as well as the talks and for those attending.

*Please pray for the right new tenant to move into the apartment next door.

Jerad and Wanda Mellette- Quebec

-Praise the Lord for the good turnout at the Synergy youth group babysitting ministry night.  Pray for seed to be sown in the lives of the young children who were there.

-Pray for all of the teens as Jerad and Wanda try to impress upon them the importance of getting in the Word of God on their own.

-Praise and prayer for the youth pastor at Calvary Monument Bible Church who will bring up a group of teens this summer to participate in a week-long prayer walk missions trip.

-Pray for Morgan, Gabriel and also Ravena.

Church in Fiji (Cairns)- Aftermath of Fiji Hurricane

Apart from water sippage into most homes because of very strong winds and rain, most damages this side were mainly trees being uprooted and broken branches. Most damages were sustained in Korovou, Natovi, Rakiraki and Ba areas including some outer islands as Taveuni, Viwa, Batiki and nearby islands. Savusavu where also affected.  According to the Australian weather experts, there is a total of 13 so called cyclones brewing out there which still pose immediate threat.

Please pray for the following:

1. This will be an opportunity for unbelievers to search for the One True God.
2. Believers who have turned away from God will relook at their walk with God.
3. Believers who are faithful will use this as an opportunity to serve others in this time of need

Jon and Mitsy Mahar- Japan

Please pray for the weekly preaching and teaching and for long term Bible study creation.

Pray for their daughter, Amy, who is getting married to a Japanese pastor in September, and for their daughter, Yumi, now working as an intern, but planning to go to Bible College for a year or two from the fall of 2017.


“One of our ninth grade students committed his life to Christ…

…a few weeks ago and since then he has been getting rid of the old and exchanging it for a completely new life.  He was associated with some sort of sorcery and had several charms that are believed to contain special powers.  These items are said to give people the ability to move impossibly heavy items, travel hundreds of miles within minutes or seconds, steal or murder without being caught, and be invincible to attacks on their own lives.

“E” felt convicted about these charms that were still in his possession even though they were located in another town. So he left our town to go and retrieve them. He surrendered them to one of our school directors. Last week two of our pastors helped him burn them. We could really sense the presence of God as many of our teachers covered him in prayer while we watched the symbols of his old life deteriorate into ash. Please pray with us for “E” that he would fully comprehend God’s power over evil spirits and that he would no longer live in fear.”

Hannah Ayena is serving “mid-term” with teaching in one of the 14 Christian schools in Togo.

2016-02-19 - Stump-Ayena1


David and Denise Love- USA


1) For a great student body attending Rio Grande Bible College this past semester from 18 countries!

 2) For the Lord’s work in the hearts of our students majoring in Bible & Theology for Pastoral Ministries; Missions, Women’s Ministries and Christian Education. Pray as they prepare for future ministry in the local church and global missions.

3) Our students are exposed to many opportunities around the world!

Please Pray:

1) Teams of RGBC students will use their summer break to go on mission trips; pray as they take time to debrief.

2)  Pray for wisdom and blessing as we continue to reach local leaders in the Muslim community here in South Texas.


“The hurting woman in my office looked at me confused…

…so I repeated my question slowly in Spanish.  ‘If you knew the way to heaven and I didn’t, what would you tell me I needed to do so that I could go to heaven when I die?’  She slowly gave me her list of recommended behavior in order to get into heaven and then she waited for my response.  ‘So if I did all those things would I know for sure that I would be in heaven someday?’

“She lowered her head and said, ‘You can never be sure.’

“I asked her if I could tell her a story. ‘It’s the best story ever told…’

An hour later with tears running down her face she said, ‘No one ever explained in a way that I could understand, why Christ died on the cross for me!’  Minutes later she prayed to receive Him as her Savior.  I was reminded again today that we need to keep on sharing the Gospel message over and over again because not everyone accepts Christ the first time they hear.  This woman faithfully attends an evangelical church.”

Dave & Denise Love minister to students from the Spanish-speaking world at Rio Grande Bible Institute in Edinburg, TX.  Denise Love in the photo.

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