Diana Chinn- Poland- Basketball Camp

The gospel of Christ will be preached this up coming week at the basketball camp in Czersk, Poland. Please pray for the Polish youth and the Polish people who will at the basketball camp this year. The team from Sweden will be arriving in Poland this coming Saturday March 26th and will be staying Until Saturday April 2nd. The gospel will be shared, testimonies will be proclaimed and a whole lot of basketball will be played. Please pray for all of the Polish leaders.  Please keep Kacper and Klima in your prayers, as they are the two who will be leading the camp. They are both strong young Christian men and they are excited to see what the Lord has planned for basketball camp this year. Last year the Lord blessed with fruit from the camp, so we earnestly pray the same now.

Basketball Camp March 28th- April 1st

Sometimes missionaries can’t see what God is doing-

But at times He allows a glimpse of His transformative work.  Itamar Santos (Brazil) had an awards day for the children in his ministry.  After the Sunday School and Children’s Club program, which included a skit of Jesus’ parables, a mother came to him in tears.  She said, “Thank you for teaching my son the way of salvation through Jesus and for teaching him to become a better son.”

Itamar writes, “I thank the Lord because as I teach children His Word I can see the positive results. Our children’s attendance at the church is growing and the parents are happy to see their children attending church and being saved by Jesus.”

M&L- Asia

Please pray for M&L as they return to the mission field- for safety in travel, and for their grown children who remain in the U.S.

FIM Board Meeting 3/22

Please be in prayer for the Board of Directors as they meet at the FIM Home Office on Tuesday, March 22.  Pray for safety in travel, clarity and vision as they make mission-wide decisions.

Sometimes missionaries need to be reminded of God’s perfect timing…

Because of expenses, Sonja Zeek looked for a part-time job and work from home.  But nothing turned up.  Then she saw a newspaper advertisement for a technician in a local pharmacy.  An experienced pharmacist, Sonja hesitated, having been away from pharmacy for eight years in Thailand.  But she still got in touch.  Sonja wrote, “The owner asked me why I wasn’t applying for a pharmacist position since I am over-qualified to be a technician.  I told him I wanted to be trained before having the full responsibility of a pharmacist.  He said that they would be willing to train me for as long as I felt comfortable.”  In addition, they were looking for a part-time pharmacist to replace his retiring father.  But they still wanted to interview other candidates.

God was at work behind the scenes. The owner went to a pharmacy convention in Las Vegas where he met one of Sonja’s former professors, who gave a hearty recommendation.  In addition, two pharmacists that Sonja had previously worked with recommended her.  She got the job!  Sonja said, “We can certainly see God’s hand working through it all!”

(Having returned from Thailand, Mike & Sonja Zeek continue to minister to Hmong people in Pennsylvania as well as handling the technical side of Hmong language program production for the MegaVoice to be distributed among Hmong people in Southeast Asia.)

16 Year Old Girl in Mexico Finds the Lord and New Family

The phone rang. One of the VBS team members answered.  “Where are you…?  Someone will pick you up in minutes.”

Soon 16-year-old “R” arrived at the home of FIM missionaries, Arturo & Silvia Tomé, looking for a place to stay. Silvia noticed that she didn’t have luggage.  The Tomés had just gotten two large boxes of used clothes.  Several outfits fit the girl.

Then “R’s” story came out. She was from a village five hours away. One night she overheard her parents agree to give her in marriage in exchange for $300.  “R’ ran away from home, traveling with a religious group from her village who were going to a basilica in Mexico City.  When the bus stopped in Puebla, she saw an evangelistic pamphlet and read it.  On the back of the tract was a phone number saying, “If you need help, please call.”  It was the Tomé’s phone number.

“R” had no knowledge of the Bible. But as the Gospel was shared with her, she understood the plan of salvation and trusted in Christ as her Savior.

Arturo & Silvia talked with Mexican Child Services, who allowed “R” to live with them until they could find a permanent home for her. She now lives with a family who love the Lord and plan to adopt her.

Her life was filled with fear, anxiety, shame and guilt…

…at the beginning of the school year. But at the graduation ceremony, a student at a Bible Institute in Europe shared with ”J” that the counseling courses had transformed her life.  As a result of the counseling courses she began to experience the forgiveness and peace of God. She had become a much more confident person and was excited about the prospect of being used by the Lord to touch the lives of people around her.

J & J have a multi-faceted counseling ministry in Europe.

Emilie and Jeremy- Europe

Please pray for:

– growth in the church– new believers and growth within the youth group

-the English Club

-Mens’ Bible Study with Jeremy

-church and Bible study in nearby towns

-job for Emilie


While in prison, a refugee had a dream.

He found himself in a white room, seated at a table before a lady dressed completely in white.  A large book was on the table.  The woman asked him his name, his country of origin, and his religion.  After writing down all the information, the lady in the dream took a ruler and with her pen, carefully struck out the name of his religion. Looking at him, she said, “From now on, you are a Christian.”  She wrote that in the book.

When he awoke, the incarcerated refugee went to the prison chaplain, an Orthodox priest, and asked what the dream might mean.  “I guess it means you must be a Christian,” answered the priest, who immediately baptized him and gave him a Bible.

Some time later, the imprisoned refugee was released and told the story to FIM missionaries, Efthemes & Eirini Sioukiouroglou (Greece). Summing up the story, the refugee said, “So I’m apparently a Christian.  But I haven’t a clue what that means.  Can you teach me?”  Now this refugee is coming to the Crossroads Refugee Center and is learning more about the Bible!

Efthemes & Eirini Sioukiouroglou on the left in photo.

“R” seemed quite unsure of what it meant…

…to be a true believer when she began coming to our women’s group.  Although she grew up going to the State church, she had never really experienced a true relationship with Christ and had never spent any time reading the Bible.

“After having to get treatments for cancer, she began asking more questions about life and about God. She began coming regularly to our group.  When I offered to lead a Bible study group for those interested in understanding the basics of the faith, she was very interested and excited to attend.

“R” devoured each lesson and spent hours at home looking up the various Scripture passages and verses and always came to our gathering full of really good questions. During this past year, I have seen her grow in her trust in Jesus and her love for His Word.  Although she still struggles with fear in regards to her health, she is also quick to acknowledge that Jesus can be trusted, even with that.  It’s been a real encouragement for me to watch her grow in this way.”

Mindy Boyd leads makes contacts with unbelievers and leads Bible studies in the former East Germany.