FIM Africa Missionary Steve: When a Christian widower

from another town asked a single believer if she would consider marrying him, Steve was thrilled.  But when he came to visit and did not give a clear testimony of salvation, Steve’s joy evaporated.  He advised her to be sure to put God’s will first.  Later the national pastor was shocked when he got word that the marriage dowry would be given an hour later—contrary to custom.

Steve began texting the widower.  The prospective groom believed he was a Christian because he was born in a Christian family.  He had also been with the Jehovah’s Witnesses.  Steve shared the Gospel, but, uninterested, he merely asked unrelated questions.

Steve shared with the woman that marriage should not take place just so that others will stop criticizing her for being single or so that the groom’s four children would have a mother. Both partners should be united spiritually.  Steve counseled her to wait till the prospective groom was born again.

Although the wedding proceeded, Steve has noted “cracks in the wall” of his resistance as he has discussed Scripture with him.  Although he is not saved yet, Steve prays that “the walls of Jericho come crashing down!”

Steve is planting a church in the Sahara desert.  Photo of local believers.

Pray for Denise Love

Please pray for Denise as she travels on a ministry trip to the Philippines.  Pray for safety, wisdom, blessing, and open doors.  Pray that she will be an encouragement to the believers there.

Kids galore!

Along with a team from an established church in Puerta Vallarta, Mexico, Frank & Rebecca Arellanes are reaching out to an unchurched area with the Gospel of Jesus Christ in La Misión, Nayarit, Mexico.   Their weekly AWANA program is drawing so many that they need to limit the number to 60 children!  The Arellanes are making good contacts with the parents as well who are hearing the Gospel!

Pray for Lonnie and Ruth Hodge

Please pray for Lonnie, Ruth, their nieces and extended family as they mourn the passing of Lonnie’s brother.

Pray for Ken Cairns

Please pray for Ken Cairns, who suffered two strokes yesterday and is in the hospital.  Pray for Mary as she supports and cares for him.  The Cairns have just retired from many years of faithful service in Fiji.

Pray for Japan- Earthquake Recovery

Please pray for the nation of Japan in the aftermath of two severe earthquakes and aftershocks in the southern part of the country.  Praise that FIM families Jon and Mitsy Mahar, Don and Lorraine Nickerson, and Kazu and Amy Kato are unharmed.  Pray that the people of this nation will be drawn to the Lord.

Will they come?

The chairs and benches were ready, and it’s 2:30. The whole week John & Marilyn Asmah (Ghana) stood in front of their house inviting all the children from the nearby school for the Bible club.  At 3:00 they started streaming in. The Asmahs write about the first two meetings: “It was such a joy to see all those happy faces, eager to learn and have fun.  After presenting the Gospel, eight children raised their hands.  John took them separately to go through the plan of salvation with them.  One of those who trusted Christ is a Muslim. The following two weeks we had about 50 accepting Christ as their Savior.”

The club now averages 55-60 children, including Muslim children.  The children are faithful in attendance and often arrive an hour early.  There are discipleship classes for those who make professions of salvation.  The Asmahs are eager to also reach the parents with the Gospel as they are seeking to plant a church.  John & Marilyn have visited in homes and have had visits from curious mothers who are excited about what is going on.

“I learned that there really is a God!”

-was the takeaway of one teenager. For several years, five young Japanese teens had studied English with Jon & Mitsy Mahar (Japan). None of them had ever been in a church or read the Bible before. But that would be part of the U.S. and Canada tour the Mahars planned.

They went to church and a Christian camp for several days. Because of language barriers, they participated some in the camp program and had their own program at other times.  None of these teens would have been able to go to a Christian camp in Japan.   But the Mahars had them in their “camp” for three weeks.

During the trip, most expressed a desire to read the Bible and learn more. They showed interest and had lots of questions.  The one who discovered that God really does exist, apparently talked to some of his friends about his new belief when he returned to Japan, and none of them agreed with him.  Though probably not saved, progress has been made in the life of at least one young man.

Photo of Jon & Mitsy Mahar being tour guide for the Japanese teens.

“We were traveling in remote Asian mountains above 13,000 feet- altitude—a four-day walk to the nearest transportation or communication to the outside world when we were caught in a sudden blizzard. The fresh snow began to cover the deep cracks in the ice, making it possible to fall through to the freezing water below. We realized that if we didn’t find our destination village soon we might die.  We prayed fervently for help from the Lord.  Right after that, out of the thick snow appeared a Buddhist “chorten”, which is a square monument that is often placed around villages for spiritual protection.  We knew that on the other side there would be a village!

“In the village we met the Buddhist lama who gave us shelter and showed us wonderful hospitality. We were stranded in his village for several days, so we set up our projector in his home and showed all of our Christian films to his family and neighbors. He had many great questions about Christianity, and we were able to share the gospel with him at length. Pray that the Lord would save this man who showed us such kindness.”

M & L have an evangelism and discipleship ministry in Asia.