Having challenged young men about the spiritually needy…

…“impenetrable” northeastern area of Argentina, Cara Capps is seeing results!  After becoming aware of this needy area, Cara left her 20-plus year ministry at a Bible Institute in Buenos Aires, Argentina to reach people in this inhospitable area.

Cara writes, “A blessing is that this year we have a full-time male worker all year long to help in Rivadavia and surrounding area.  Ary studied four years at the Bible Institute and did weekend ministry in Rivadavia for three years.  He is now engaged to a girl in a neighboring town who is in her third year at the Bible Institute.  So that is two…as Toy Osores is also ministering in the area.  I have also challenged another well-prepared young man to go to another place nearby.”

Photo of a rural home in Argentina’s inaccessible area.

David and Denise Love- USA

-Praise for Denise’s fruitful ministry trip to the Philippines.  Pray for God’s wisdom and provision for the next trip scheduled for February 2017.  Pray for the many Philippine women involved in ministry.


1) For a great student body attending Rio Grande Bible College this semester from 18 countries!

2) For the Lord’s work in the hearts of our students majoring in Bible & Theology for Pastoral Ministries; Missions, Women’s Ministries and Christian Education. Pray as they prepare for future ministry in the local church and global missions.

3) We finished our annual mission’s conference on campus and really witnessed the Lord work in our student’s lives exposing them to many opportunities around the world!

Please Pray:

1) Teams of RGBC students will use their summer break to go on mission trips; several teams will serve in limited access countries.

2)  Pray for wisdom and blessing as we continue to reach local leaders in the Muslim community here in South Texas.

3) For us as we arrange connections and details for ministry training outreaches this summer. Lord willing, we will make a trip in July. We hope to make another trip in 2017 to minister to a team of Latinos on the ground.

4) As we continue to build relationships with both US mission agencies and ministries to work together to better equip our students to go to restricted nations.

5) As we move forward building relationships with the national pastors and key leaders in Mexico, Colombia, Spain and many other countries. Pray as we channel supplies to equip, disciple and train these leaders. Many graduates of RGBC are also using these materials and are asking for more training.

6) For God’s provision for our two ministry trips this year. Pray for wisdom, blessing and open doors. There is a significant interest in world missions in the Spanish speaking world.

7) Dave serving as Academic Dean. Pray that he would stay in step with the Lord’s leading and direction as his team works hard to serve the Bible College. Pray for God’s vision, unity, discernment and favor.

8)   For Denise as she carries a rigorous discipleship/member care schedule and deals with complex issues. She is also teaching a course in “Women’s Ministries” in the Bible College Tuesday evenings and co-teaches a marriage class with Dave at our local church.

9)  David as he teaches Bibliology, Theology Proper, Romans, Discipleship & Spiritual Formation this fall. Pray for wisdom, strength and ability to clearly communicate these trues and principles in Spanish.


Bob and Susie Lawton- USA/International Student Ministry

-Praise the Lord for:  new staff at the AFC Center, His blessing on special events, and for Bob’s weekly meeting time with the pastor of a local church.

-Pray for the Lord to continue to draw to us those that are truly seeking Him, and that these by the Holy Spirit’s help will be enabled to overcome spiritual, intellectual and cultural barriers and truly come to know the Lord.

-Please pray for our regular weekly Bible studies, that the Lord will help us know how to prepare and reach both new comer internationals with no Bible knowledge and ones who have come for some time.

-Pray for Susie’s complete restoration to full health and strength.

-Praise & pray for the children’s & beginner’s English & discipleship Bible classes Friday nights.  Praise that researchers continue bringing their children ages 2-9.  Pray for their salvation and growth.  Thank God for gifted co-teachers and pray for wisdom.

-Pray for the Lord’s glory, wisdom, enabling and joy in all that we plan and do.  May His beauty be seen and souls be drawn to Him.  Thanks again for your prayers.


Borgard- Please Pray for George in Romania

Please pray for the Borgards’ fellow servant George, whose mother just passed away.  Pray for comfort and the opportunity to witness to unsaved relatives through the service.

“Since January, a lot of students have accepted the Lord

…and have been brought out of dark situations,” Christy Sopcisak rejoices!  Christy is training teachers for fourteen Christian schools in Togo, West Africa.  She writes, “Some of the students have really had to stand for their faith.  The teachers have been incredible, going above and beyond to help these students understand.  All the teachers have been praying for the students that have recently accepted Christ.  Some of the teachers have also been discipling students.”

Another encouragement has been the recent arrival of 24,000 French books!  The Lord opened many doors to make it happen!  This is an exciting motivation for the children to read.

Refugees are pouring into Germany from “closed countries”

Recently two new Iranian couples have joined the Bible study of Craig & Debbie Borgard.  Both couples are new in Germany and come from house churches in Iran. They always changed the time and place of their meetings in Iran to avoid being discovered.  Despite their efforts, they showed pictures of police standing outside one of their church meetings.

For the last year and a half, Craig & Debbie have been meeting with a couple from Iran, N & L.  The more they take in, the more they want others people to know it, especially those who are fleeing Iran.  When they were in Iran it was difficult for them to grow in their faith, as the secret police were always trying to shut down Bible studies and house churches, especially those who had converted from Islam to Christianity.  The Lord is using this couple in the lives of many of the refugees. He has given them the opportunity to do a Bible study in Farsi with 14 other Iranians. Their growth in the Word has been so exciting to watch. They often come to Borgard’s Bible study with questions they were asked in their Farsi Bible study. In spite of the language barriers, it is a great opportunity to entrust to faithful people, who will be able to teach others the things they have learned from the Word!

Craig & Debbie write, “Despite all the problems associated with the influx of such a huge number of refugees, the fact remains that the sovereign Lord is bringing us people, who need to know Him, from lands where missionaries are not allowed!”

Diana Chinn Returning to Poland Today!

Please pray for Diana, for traveling mercies on her flights back through Gdansk, and for a smooth transition back to life and ministry in Poland.

“About 12 years ago my sister had been corresponding

with you by email. She was deep into the occult and astrology.  Because of your ministry (praise be to God!), she was radically born again. She had a profound influence on me, as she was a bold witness. I subsequently was born again about a year afterwards. I praise God for your ministry.”

Marcia Montenegro received that encouraging email recently about her ministry responding to alternate religions, Christian Answers for the New Age (CANA).  For more information, go to http://www.christiananswersforthenewage.org/.