A major emphasis was on discipleship…

 …at the men’s camp this year.  The sessions showed that discipleship is a part of the big picture of the Bible.  Over 35 men attended the annual men’s camp led by John (& Beverly) Frizelle in New Zealand!

The Frizelles were also encouraged that mentoring groups are being formed.  Six younger men indicated their desire to be mentored by someone who is farther along in their faith journey.  In addition, many have declared their faith publicly through baptism this year.

Ray Duriga- Mexico

Please pray for Ray as he serves with the Glessners in Mexico.  Pray for the church planting ministry, sports ministry, and guidance for long term service.

Villagers brushing teeth for the first time…

…was part of Dinah Kwao’s medical ministry experience with the people of Kpesiebi, Ghana.  Dinah had prayed for an opportunity to share the Word of God with the villagers and she was given the chance to do that.  As part of the ministry, she was able to hand out donated toothbrushes and toothpaste and teach some villagers how to use them.  It was a very happy moment for the villagers!

Break-ins by youth, lots of destruction at the church building…

…and outsiders trying to take over the church have all been the recent experience of Martin & Rose Ebel’s ministry in Woorabinda, in the Australian Outback.

Some of those attending church called on us to “pay back” those that tried to take over the church.   Martin ended up teaching about 1 Peter 3:9, “Do not repay evil with evil or insult with insult.  On the contrary, repay evil with blessing, because to this you were called so that you may inherit a blessing.” Once again we saw how God is working in people’s lives as well as ours as we did not realize how much this tradition of “payback” is still ingrained in the people, even though they have come to know the Lord (some anyway).  Yet there are still things to which they hold on from the old nature.

Basque People- Testimony

Please pray for many Basque people to read an upcoming blog article containing the testimony of Sam and Joanie Snodgrass.  Pray for the author, that the Lord will use the Snodgrass testimony in his life.  Pray for an accurate telling of the testimony in the article, and pray that the Lord will use the testimony in the lives of all who read it.

Two hundred eighty six children from a public school

…heard the Gospel on May 12!  The children came to the AECA sports complex where Daniel & Babi Stephan are involved in sports ministry in Brazil.  There was lots of food, sports, games, and most important of all, preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ using the sketch board.  In addition, 35 volunteers helped to make the event happen.

The director of a drug rehabilitation center visited

…the dentist in December of 2015.  The receptionist, a member of the church planting effort of Kevin & Alina Beach (Mexico), struck up a conversation with him about spiritual things.  He gave her his card and asked if the “Pastor” could come to the drug rehabilitation ranch and teach the interns there.  So Kevin went.  Kevin has been teaching there since January.  Every Tuesday morning he has the opportunity to teach them about the life of Jesus and the salvation that He offers. Each month the Beaches’ church offers a movie night, showing a contemporary gospel film in Spanish. Last month they showed The Son of God and the local movie theater provided the popcorn!  Four people placed their faith in Jesus Christ and others also seem ready to.

God is at work in Japan!

The work may be slow, but Takuji & Hiroko Yamazaki are encouraged to see His hand of blessing!  Recently a man burned a Buddhist idol that he had been worshipping.  After installing a new baptistery, two believers were baptized.  Photo is of Takuji with the two ladies he just baptized.

With the Extreme Disciples youth group on fire for the Lord…

…Jeff & Sheny Walker (Mexico) are getting them involved in local evangelism and missions trips.

In February about twenty youth and adults drove 1½ hours north to Zacatecas, Mexico to do evangelism and help a new church plant.  The youth put on an Evangelistic Kids Club and four of them gave short Gospel messages.  They also did personal evangelism in parks and plazas around the city and saw the Lord work through them.

April 23 to May 7, six of them went (drove) on a missions trip to Guatemala.  The purpose of the trip was to give seminars on evangelistic methods in three seminaries and several churches.  They made over 100 Gospel magic tricks (illusions) which they gave away to those they trained in evangelism.  In one church, 200 believers received training in evangelism.

The Mexican young people were also challenged as several seminary students shared how they received the call to pursue full time ministry.  All of them talked about finances being a main obstacle and how God provided.  It was a great encouragement for the youth who face similar challenges with finances.

Photo of Jeff Walker training in the use of illusions for evangelism.