“We baptized nine people, and we still have a few more that need to be baptized”…

write Bryan & Susan Nevin (Mexico).  “Several people have come to trust in Christ recently, and our church is growing.

“Our neighbor, Gaby, who was the first person saved in our ministry, has been praying for the past three years for her husband to get saved.  He had seen the changes in his wife and was happy that his wife was coming, but wasn’t willing to come himself.  However, he recently started coming to church and trusted in Christ as his Savior!  He was baptized with his daughter last week.

“A young man in our church wanted to get baptized, but his father would not give him permission.  He says that we are brainwashing his son.  We praise God for the work He is doing among the people here.”

Rural villages in the rugged mountains on the Bolivian border…

were the target of a recent mid-winter missions trip from Salta, Argentina, desiring to help the missionary in the area by sharing the gospel and providing for the needy.  Lucio Gallo was especially excited that the lives of two male team members were touched.  Ariel and Marcos got immersed in ministering.  Ariel led games for children and had them laughing and playing.  Marcos, despite his young age, shared his testimony with a group of kids and preached the Gospel. Despite the cold and lack of comfort, they grew spiritually.  The Gallos see potential for them to be men of God whom He can use.  Lucio is currently discipling both of them.

Lucio & Amanda Gallo are involved in a church planting ministry in Salta, Argentina.

Tim and Barbara-Lee Glessner- Mexico- Prayer Needs for Summer Ministry

  1. July 10-16: 4 young ladies from Walla Walla are coming down to work with university athletes in the mornings on the campus of the University of the Americas and in the afternoons (5-7) with a basketball camp. We’re inviting mainly the girls basketball players from the high school to come to the camp, although it will be open to everybody.
    1. Prayer requests:
      1. For the health and safety of the team.
      2. For this to provide good contacts with the middle school and high school.
      3. For good participation in the basketball camps.
      4. For this time to lead into the next events.
  2.  July 17-23: Fellowship Christian from Springfield, OH is coming down for their 5thyear. We’ll be working in the mornings in a soccer camp and splitting the group between work projects, leadership training and ESL in the afternoons. We’ll also be doing a discipleship training course for the church with them.
    1. Prayer requests:
      1. For the health and safety of the team.
      2. For soccer camp to be an effective vehicle for connecting with families. We would anticipate SO MANY kids that this can be difficult.
      3. For the logistical challenges in the afternoons as we go in several different directions; especially pray for safety as we navigate the roads!
  3. July 23-31: Edgewood Bible Church, Edgewood, WA. We’ll be doing our annual flag football camp with them in the mornings and ESL in the afternoons.
    1. Prayer requests:
      1. Again, for the health and safety of the team.
      2. For continuity from soccer to this camp and ESL.
      3. For our strength and endurance. At this point we’ll be feeling the strain of full-out big activities three straight weeks.
  4. August 1-5: slow week, with Mixed Martial Arts camp in the afternoons. We’ll be supporting another missionary’s team from Tulsa OK, this week, and encouraging kids from the previous three weeks to do MMA in the afternoons.
    1. Prayer requests:
      1. For the health and safety of this team from Tulsa. They’ve been down 2/3 years. Pray especially for their health.
      2. Our church drummer is going to Africa on the Logos Hope ship, so Drew has been taking lessons. The drums do add to the music, so pray for this to be a ministry for Drew.
  5. August 5-12: Sunset Bible Church, University Place, WA: they’re coming down to do VBS in the mornings and training in video, sound and other ministry areas in the church in the afternoons.
    1. Prayer requests:
      1. Obviously for team health and safety.
      2. For the cross-cultural communication, as we try to mesh two different groups to work together.
      3. For us all to finish well. Abbey will leave for the Olympics this week and Ray will come back for this.

Guillermo and Marcia Aguilar- Venezuela ST Trip

Please pray for Guillermo as he serves in Venezuela until Aug 5.  Pray for the Vacation Bible School programs in La Ceiba, Villa Icabaru, and Paso Nuevo.  Praise for the boys now living in the street children’s home and the care they are receiving from local believers; please pray that God will provide house parents for the street children’s home.  Pray for Guillermo as he works on the machine shed in La Ceiba.   Pray for the situation in Venezuela as many cannot receive needed food and medicine.

No one sleeps the last night of youth camp,…

so the van was a lot quieter as Diana Chinn drove the five hours back home to Chojnice, Poland, than it had been going to camp.

The theme of the week for teens from all over Poland was “Living like Christ.“  The 68 campers agreed that the sessions really helped them understand how to live more God-centered lives.  A few of the youth from Chojnice took a workshop on how to share a 2-5 minute testimony.  At the conclusion of the class, they shared their testimonies in front of the camp.  Diana writes, “It was a joy to see two new youth stand up and share who they are in Christ. I was proud of them and it has been so exciting to see them grow in Christ.”

Many of the teens have quite a few problems at home and aren’t encouraged by their parents. God is answering prayer and some parents are coming to Christ.

“Our Muslim friends have just completed their month-long fast,”…

…Dan & Sue Bisbee (Senegal) write.  “I have been going out every day with my friend, David, a Senegalese believer from church.  We were able to ‘dogue’ or break the fast with several of my Muslim friends this past month.  This gave David some good opportunities to share with them.  We were visiting my friend, M., and watching the final for the Euro Cup 2016 soccer championship.  David had a good opportunity to share with him.  M. seemed responsive to his comments.  We are praying that as my Muslim friends hear a different voice than my own they will begin to consider the gospel.  Please keep praying for these people.”

David Love- USA

Please pray as David will meet with local religious leaders today to discuss the veracity of the Scriptures and salvation through Christ alone.

The hostile village on the river opened for the first time last year…

…to hear the gospel.  Pastor Carlos had been able to live in the village with his wife and child…his wife being Ticuna Indian and this was her village.  But this year, Dave Love, his team from Texas accompanied by some local pastors were warned to be careful.

On Tuesday, the team traveled by boat to San Martin, Colombia, unaware that there had been a meeting in the village Monday night discussing the arrival of the missionary team.  Although they had already received permission to be there, when the team arrived, the security person in charge of who comes and goes in the village was unusually aggressive.  After some intense discussion, he let them stay.  The team walked to the meeting location to have a service with the believers.

At the end of the service, a woman stood up and said, “I want to be baptized and I want to be baptized today!” The team consulted with the local pastors.  They knew it was risky, but believed that they needed to respond to this woman’s request. So they all walked down to the river and baptized the first person in the San Martin village.

After that baptism the hostility escalated.  Word reached the team that if something happened to all of them the locals would not be responsible in any way.  A pastor pulled Dave aside and said, “We have to leave soon. When hostilities are building among these tribal people, they can be talking to you or sitting watching you and suddenly stand up and start stabbing you. We are all at high risk, but if we leave Carlos and his wife they most likely won’t live through the night.  We have to make a decision.”

Together they decided to immediately evacuate of Pastor Carlos and his family.  Returning into the village put the team at risk. They quickly packed up the most important supplies and clothing that they could carry. They were all in tears, grieving because it appeared to be a victory for the enemy and a retreat.

There wasn’t time to waste. They needed to get back to the boat, without appearing hurried or worried. That whole walk back to the boat they expected to be attacked. The team made it out safely and returned to Puerto Nariño.

Postscript:  Apparently the village had decided to kill Carlos and his family after the team left.  Carlos and his wife are now pastoring in another river village.

Nothing like a crazy summer of ministry!

As part of their church planting ministry, this summer Tim & Barbara-Lee Glessner are hosting different teams from the U.S. for five weeks straight of ministry seeking to further the progress of the Gospel among the youth in Puebla, Mexico through evangelism that leads to discipleship.

July 10-16, four young ladies came to work with university athletes in the mornings and a basketball camp in the afternoons with high school girls.   July 17-23 the second group will be present for a soccer camp in the morning.  They will be involved in various ministries in the afternoon such as English as a Second Language (ESL), work projects and leadership training.  The next group comes July 23-31 for a flag football camp in the mornings and ESL in the afternoons.   Things are a little slower August 1-5 as they will be supporting another missionary’s team with a Mixed Martial Arts camp.  The last team will be in Puebla August 5-12 to help with Vacation Bible School (VBS).  Local ladies will also be involved.  They will also offer training in video and sound in the afternoons.

Making contact with those needing the Lord takes time…

..And it may take more time to have the opportunity to communicate the message of His love.

The mother of one of the unsaved teens in the youth group of Jerad & Wanda Mellette (Quebec, Canada) has been struggling with depression.  Many months ago they offered to help any way they could.  But it wasn’t until recently that she reached out to Wanda, who in turn was able to share Christ with her!

(Photo of the Mellettes with some of their youth group.)