God is still in the idol-destroying business!

“You turned to God from idols to serve a living and true God”, the apostle Paul wrote of the Thessalonians.  God is still doing that in Japan.

A struggle that Japanese Christians have is getting rid of idols that they used to worship.  Takuji & Hiroko Yamazaki are planting a church in Okazaki and ministering to a church in Toyohashi.  The Yamazakis were thrilled that Mr. O asked Takuji to assist in burning his Buddhist idols, declaring that he is now only worshiping the true God.  Takuji went to the Christian cemetery with Mr. O, to burn the idol the following day.  Takuji said, “It was a blessing to destroy the idol there.”  (Photo of Takuji Yamazaki [R] with Mr. O at the idol burning.)

Marcia Montenegro was a professional astrologer and teacher of astrology

…before trusting in Jesus Christ for salvation.  In 1996, Marcia joined Fellowship International Mission and uses her pre-Christian past along with her thorough knowledge and research to minister to people needing a biblical perspective about the New Age, occult or other religions.  One of her latest articles to be published is a chapter entitled “Wicca and Witchcraft.”  It appears in the second volume of World Religions and Cults.  Marcia writes, frequently speaks at conferences, and is often a radio guest.

Pray for FIM Candidate Orientation This Week

Please be in prayer for the missionary candidates as they attend orientation this week.  Pray for the Lord to move in their hearts to refresh and direct them, and for strength and clear discernment as the leadership team conducts daily training sessions and interviews.  This year’s class includes John and Marilyn Asmah, Billy and Sarah Brewer, Paul and Mikayla Mackey, Dan and Melody Nickel, Prince and Heidi Sabena, and Julie Walker.

A young woman had a pair of orange shoes.

The customer approached Emilie while working at the store, and wanted Emilie to help her find a shirt that would match her shoes for her 30th birthday party. That was a little over a year ago.

Some months later Jeremy & Emilie joined a dance class.  Emilie recognized another person in the class by her orange shoes, her customer. Emilie and C have since become friends.  C has attended the English club and invited Jeremy & Emilie to her birthday party.  They have been able to talk a few times about their faith with C.  And now Emilie discovered that C’s best friend is an evangelical and she goes with her every year to the Hillsong Christmas concert.  She has even promised to come to church with the Jeremy and Emilie when her friend comes to visit her!

Jeremy & Emilie are making contacts with those needing the Lord in Europe and just recently celebrated their first anniversary!

Frank and Rebecca Arellanes- Mexico- Camp This Week

These sweet people just showed up from Wyoming to help us with our annual youth camp outreach. Please pray for them and for the 220 youth and staff we will be doing kingdom work with during RADICAL in Arandas starting on Monday 8/8/16.


The lack of solid Bible teaching and preaching…

…as a result of a lack of knowing how to study the Scriptures is a huge need that Cephas & Nguhemen Tushima are seeking to meet in Nigeria.   In addition to teaching at Jos ECWA Theological Seminary, for some years now Cephas has been leading Minister’s International Preaching Summit in different locations throughout the country, desiring to help pastors and church leaders to “accurately handle the Word of truth”.  In May, Cephas was blessed to be invited to teach Bible interpretation to over sixty church leaders in Lagos.  These brothers and sisters in the Lord flew him to Lagos twice at their own expense to teach this important subject.

Photo of some of the participants in the workshop, learning how to correctly interpret Scripture.

“What about my ancestors? Why does God allow the existence of evil?”

Sincere yet challenging questions like this are always welcome in the Bible studies led by Bob & Susie Lawton, who minister to international students, scholars and researchers at Johns Hopkins University in Maryland.

Some have little or no knowledge of spiritual things. Susie recently was teaching a girl who had never heard of God.

Meanwhile, others are slowly gaining a better understanding of the gospel.  At a Fourth of July celebration, one researcher who has not openly made a profession of faith nonetheless shared publicly that often in the laboratory a scientist will reach a dead end and be unable to proceed.  In desperation she calls out to God in prayer for help, and God answers!