People don’t trust in Jesus Christ for salvation out of the blue in Japan.

Well, not usually…

Don & Lorraine Nickerson, planting a church in the Ishikawa area of Japan, didn’t foresee the salvation of “T”, a business man.  His marriage had just broken up, his life was falling apart, and he was searching for answers.  A Christian from their church met him and invited him to services.  He came and has not missed a Sunday since.  After several weeks, while sitting around after church, “T” asked the believers how they became Christians.  They shared their testimonies with him. The next Sunday he proclaimed that he had put his trust in Christ!

The Nickersons are thrilled with his salvation, rapid spiritual growth, and recent baptism.

Photo of the Nickersons’ church meeting.

Mexican missionaries in Africa?

While the son of FIM missionaries, Dan & Dorothy Case (missionaries to Mexico), visited his parents, he shared about his experience serving in Africa.  He told about an orphanage-school in Equatorial Guinea that needs workers.

A few weeks later, A. told the Cases that she realized that she was comfortable just going through life.  She knelt down and surrendered her life to God to serve Him totally. She glowed with joy as she shared her desire to prepare to go meet this need.  Another day, V. with such a sincere heart told the Cases that she was going to Africa to be used by God. She insisted that nothing would stop her.

Dan and Dorothy looked at each other in amazement.  God had worked in both of their hearts.  Both women are in their thirties and want to financially support themselves by their businesses and yet have the backing of a prayer team. They are reading and taking Internet courses.

It all started on my birthday.

My daughter, Charis, invited me to go with her on any hike of my choosing.  We decided to hike to Lake Solitude, fifteen miles round trip.  At Inspiration Point, we noticed a young couple with their baby and struck up a conversation.

When we asked them where they were from, they said Israel.  I expressed joy.  The wife said, “You mean you really like us?”  They explained that in Europe they were treated with hostility by religious people.  That opened the door for us to share the gospel with them.  We weren’t religious.  We had come to know the Lord, were born again, and loved all people.

I had just recently spent some time studying YHWH in preparation to speak at a youth camp.  Now, there I was, sharing with these young Hebrew people in terms that they could understand about YHWH, their God.  From there it was natural to talk with them how the Lord sent Yeshua, the Messiah, to die on the cross for their sins and how He would return to earth and sit on the throne of David for 1,000 years.

The wife asked how someone could enter into such a relationship with the Lord.  I had just enough time to share my testimony with her before we reached the boat that would take us across Jenny Lake.

To say that it was an incredible encounter would be an understatement.  Though they did not put their faith in Christ, they definitely listened to and showed interest in what we had to say.

Sam & Joanie Snodgrass minister to Basque peoples in Spain and Idaho.  (Photo of Sam and his hiking buddy-daughter, Charis.)

“I could write a book about all the students’ amazing testimonies,”

…Christy Sopcisak writes about the 14 Christian schools that she helps in Togo, West Africa.  “But one in particular stands out. During the first week of school, a new student showed up and said she wanted to enroll.  She hadn’t been in school for two years, but that didn’t seem to deter her from wanting to finish her education.  Although she did this behind her father’s back, he eventually allowed her to continue.  The year proved to be a struggle as her parents went through a difficult time.  She hardly had money to pay for food and she couldn’t see the blackboard from the front row.  Teachers and the directors shared Christ’s love with her and they helped pay for the essentials that enabled her to keep learning.  The battle through these obstacles paid off as she successfully passed and will go on to high school!  Her parents are ecstatic and have realized God’s guidance through it all.  The family is attending church together and everyone has noticed a difference in their lives!”  (Photo of Christy with younger students.)

It pays off to patiently persist in sowing the Word!

For the past 14 years, Anthony (not real name) has been inviting Dan in for tea.  Only recently has he shown interest in the gospel.  Serious health problems may be the reason for this change of attitude.  Anthony told Dan that he can see that the faith in which he was born and raised is not the same as that revealed in Scripture.  Dan & Melody Nickel are planting a church in Ireland.