Pray for Believers in the Amazon Region

Please be in prayer for the pastor and Christian friends of David Love who serve in local Amazon regions. Pray for the family of E., who was recently killed in the village of SM for defending Christians. Pray also for Pastor C. and for the safety of believers there including T., a new believer in the village where the killing took place.

The refugee situation in Greece has often been in the news

…but not from a Christian perspective. Efthemes & Eirini Sioukiouroglou minister daily to refugees in Athens. Many refugees are coming to Christ and many more are asking for more biblical training. The Sioukiouroglous are encouraging Greek churches to provide such classes. In addition, the refugees need help in so many ways.

Efthemes & Eirini met “J” & “M”, a couple from Iran. The wife dreamed that on her trip to Greece, someone would speak to her about God. She also dreamed that she would be helped by a carpenter. She didn’t know that Jesus was a carpenter. Both are now Christians. The United Nations gave them a place to stay. But they left the apartment because there were many problems with a Muslim couple who also shared that apartment. The Sioukiouroglous met them at a park and were able to provide housing for them for a month.

A young man from Bangladesh became a Christian in a Greek refugee camp last year. His fellow Bangladeshis and roommates don’t like that and refuse to help him.

“A” and his mother are believers from Iran. He used drugs in Iran and started using drugs in Greece. The Sioukiouroglous are trying to get him help at a Christian rehabilitation center. “A” and his mother are very thankful because he will be able to stay at the center for at least 18 months, free of charge.

Providing sound biblical teaching for the Hmong of Southeast Asia

…is the vision of Mike & Sonja Zeek (USA). Mike uploads teaching by fluent Hmong speakers on solar-powered audio players, capable of holding hundreds of hours of content. During the last five years, the players have reached the Hmong in Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, China, and persecuted areas in Laos.

The Zeeks recently received word from high in the mountains of northern Laos where persecution is severe, that a lady who was a shaman for her village gave her life to Jesus Christ. Another individual recently became a believer and burned his alter-demon shelf. Each of them have recently received audio players and are growing in their faith!

Mike Zeek is raising funds ($50 each) to send an additional 90 players to Southeast Asia.

Thanksgiving Dinner in Germany Nov 16

Please pray for Mindy Boyd and the other missionaries in Dresden who will host an American Thanksgiving Dinner on November 16 as an outreach to this city in which 80% of the population claims no religious affiliation.  Pray for Mindy’s music ministry as well during this event.

Retreat for Missionaries in Mexico

Please be in prayer for all FIM missionaries in Mexico who are attending a retreat this week.  Pray for safety in travel, spiritual refreshment and renewal.

Lawton- Pray for Thanksgiving Program

From Bob and Susie Lawton, international student ministry in the Baltimore area:  please pray for the rehearsal of our Thanksgiving drama, that all will be in awe at our Lord’s wonderful working.  We’re planning to have a Thanksgiving dinner and the drama next Friday, Nov. 18.

Missionary children can have a huge impact for the Gospel!

Gabriel, 14-year-old son of Jared & Wanda Mellette (Quebec), went to math class early.  Five classmates were already there.  One girl started the conversation, “Okay, I want to talk about the Bible.  I’ll tell you what I believe and then I want to hear what you believe.”   She said that her family stopped practicing Catholicism after a death of a relative.  An atheist girl also chimed in.  Gabriel prayed silently for wisdom as the two girls spoke.

He told the girls that God created the universe and free will. Adam and Eve’s sin brought consequences into the world.  He shared the Gospel and remembered Ephesians 2:8-9 from the youth group meeting.

They asked Gabriel his opinion about homosexuality.  He told him about a Christian guy at their church who struggles with same-sex-attraction.  “We don’t call him a ‘Gay Christian’ just like I don’t call a Christian who lies a ‘Liar Christian’.” I love people the same, no matter what sin they struggle with.  God looks at all sin the same.

The atheist girl said she wants scientific proof that God is real.  Gabriel invited them to the Bible study that Jerad leads at the high school.

The girls came, as did three other girls!  Jerad reported that they had an awesome conversation.  They asked some real probing questions and watched a science-based video about creation and the universe.  Jerad gave them gospels of John.  Most of the girls said they would be back the following week!

(Photo of Mellette family with teens.  Jerad on the left and Gabriel is third from left.)

Diana Chinn- Travel

Please be in prayer for Diana Chinn, who is flying to the USA from the mission field in Poland.

Mary Ferrero- Surgery

Please pray for missionary Mary Ferrero who will undergo surgery on November 10.  Pray for guidance for the surgeon and a smooth recovery for Mary.

Before missionaries can share the Gospel, they obviously need to make contact with those who do not know Christ.

Tim and Barbara-Lee Glessner use sports in Mexico to do that.

Glessners write, “’A’ is a 15-year-old on the football team, who plays with enormous heart and energy, is fun and charismatic.  He comes from a broken home and is often a ticking time-bomb.  We’ve started giving him a place to hang out after school and before football practice.  We’ve had great opportunities to love him, invest in him and lay the foundation to share the Gospel with him.  He’s got great potential and enormous risk.”

Another contact came when “M” fell off a ladder and asked to see a former ministry because of his abilities to “crack things back into place”.  Tim took him to the hospital for a badly twisted knee.  “M” is asking the right questions, is reading the Bible, and is faithfully attending church as well as men’s meetings.  God is clearly at work in his life.

Photo of the Glessner family doing church planting in Puebla, Mexico.