It seemed like a very complicated task…

Lucio Gallo was asked to speak at a youth camp of 50 teens in Jujuy, Argentina about the book of Jeremiah.  But God was in it!  That week the campers were daily challenged by the life a Jeremiah to stand out and stand tall even though they feel alone and don´t see any fruit.  At the bonfire the last night, every camper stepped forward, dedicating their lives to God and making a difference.  Lucio & Amanda Gallo were overwhelmed to see these teenagers crying, pouring their hearts out to the Lord.  Many keep in touch with Lucio.  Amanda and several church leaders have started discipling teens who continue to be firm in their decisions.

“The day we stop reciting verses and teaching the Bible, is the day our school dies.”

A school director in Togo described the impact the Bible was having in his school.  He told of 6th grade teachers incorporating God’s truth into every subject matter.  First grade students would plead for the Bible to be taught if their teacher didn’t do it first thing in the morning.

After students went on to a public middle school, they would return and tell the director of their friends who trusted Christ for salvation after they shared with them during recess.  Now they were asking for Bibles to give to their friends.

Christy Sopcisak trains teachers for 14 Christian schools in Togo, West Africa.


David Love- Travel to South America

Please pray for David Love as he travels to the Amazon to encourage believers who have faced recent violent opposition in certain villages.  Pray for protection for David and the local pastors, and for the discipleship of these believers.


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Barbara Johns- Praise and Update

Barbara is recovering well and may be discharged on Thursday afternoon or Friday morning at this stage. She is hoping to return to Toowoomba and continue to recover in her own home with some assistance.

We are grateful to God for watching over her and continue to pray that she will recover well over the next few weeks.

Thank you to those who have visited, prayed for her and sent encouraging messages. She has really appreciated hearing from you.

Glessner- Pray for Gospel Presentation

The Glessners are doing a dramatic presentation of the Gospel of Mark at church and covet your prayers.

Please pray that…
1. Many people would come.
2. The presentation of God’s Word would be done effectively.
3. God’s Word would take hold of the hearts of the hearers.

Pray for Retiree Barbara Johns

Please be in prayer for Barbara Johns who is in hospital in Brisbane, Australia following a kidney aneurysm and emergency surgery. Praise the Lord that she is in recovery now. Pray for healing and for family as they care for her.

“Several people on separate occasions have been arrested for evangelism…

…in the country where we serve due to changes to the law,” M & L wrote. They continue, “Many of our prayer supporters have asked if we plan to change our approach. We have decided to trust the Lord and continue to publicly share the gospel. As we walked across this country last month, holding outreaches in remote villages, we were asked several times by police what we were doing. We openly told them that we were telling people about Jesus and showing a film about him. The Lord protected us and not only did the police not give us any trouble, but they helped us in different ways.

In one town, a police officer went out of his way to carry one of our backpacks for us. In another town, the police showed us great hospitality by inviting us to spend the night with them in the police station. They treated us as special guests, fed us several meals, and gave us the nicest place to sleep. We presented the gospel to them, and they asked many deep spiritual questions as they considered God’s grace and forgiveness. When we left, some of them even gave us hugs and flowers!

Pray for Kasese, Uganda

Please be in prayer for Pastor A. and the community of Kasese where there has been massive violence the past few weeks due to government conflict. Pray for many who have lost innocent loved ones in the fighting. Pray for God’s healing in this region and for the Sabenas as they seek to minister to the hurting community.

“What do you do during difficult circumstances?” the 12-year-old girl…

asked Roly Delgadillo. She then told the following story. She was playing with her cousin on his 12th birthday. Because the boy didn’t live with either of his parents, he was eagerly awaiting his dad’s arrival. The boy’s mother told him that his dad wouldn’t be there for his birthday. She added that his dad didn’t care for him.

After hearing this, the boy told his cousin that he was going to the bathroom. When he did not return, they went looking for him. When they opened the bathroom door he had hung himself.

The girl asked again, “What do I do in those difficult moments?” Roly had taught the memory verse, Jeremiah 1:19, “’They will fight against you, but they will not overcome you, for I am with you to deliver you,’ declares the Lord.” Roly continued, “What´s going to help you is the memorized Word of God, and knowing that God will be with us during those moments”. She found the answer to her question and it filled her with joy!

Roly & Ruthann Delgadillo are church planting in Argentina.