Pray for Craig and Debbie Borgard

Please be in prayer for Craig and Debbie Borgard, missionaries in Germany, and family, as Craig’s father passed away last week.

Dinah Kwao’s Medical Ministry in Ghana

“The most recent medical ministry trip in Ghana was to the Kpeseibi tribe this past December,” Dinah Kwao wrote. “I was accompanied by a nurse from the U.S. who was able to help me.  I was given the opportunity to do a health talk about personal hygiene to the school children in the tribe. I concluded my talk with sharing the Gospel. We then provided health screening at the clinic to some of the adults in the tribe and share Christmas gifts.”  (Photo of Dinah Kwao providing health care in the village.)


Mellette- Pray for Charles in LaSalle

Please be in prayer for Charles, a youth group teen who lost his mother this week.  Pray for peace, comfort and salvation for the family.

Pray for Youth in Poland

From Diana Chinn:  Please pray for the family of a young man who died following a skiing accident this weekend, and is now with the Lord.  Pray for the youth from the local church who were with him and saw the accident.

Open doors for sharing the Gospel with those needing Christ in Islamic countries…

… is a cause of rejoicing.  An FIM missionary wrote about a number of recent opportunities in Africa:

“Christmas was a good opportunity to share the Good News. Quite a number of children and young people were present and enjoyed the keynote presentation of the story of the shepherds.  “E” had seven or eight children in tow.  Their parents had actually asked him to bring them along.  He said he had no taxi fare for all of them but just when they arrived at the main road (five miles away), a car stopped to bring them to town.  He said it stopped ‘on purpose’ for them—not the driver’s purpose but God’s!  I preached and Pastor translated into another language.  We had a delightful meal afterwards, even with some cake.”

“The pocket calendars arrived New Year’s Day.  We have been giving these out and tracts also that came with the pocket calendars entitled Do You Know the Greatness of God? and The Poison of Sin.”

“This morning I preached and Pastor translated. Two young fellows were there, probably out of curiosity.  We pray that the Gospel they heard might penetrate their hearts.”


The immigrant couple came from Afghanistan, became believers in Iran, and now were seeking marital counseling in Europe…

…from Mr. J.  After five years of marriage, the wife indicated that she no longer loved her husband and was disinterested in remaining in the marriage.  The husband had severe problems with anger and verbal abuse. And they had opposite views on raising their five-year-old son. There was much hostility in the air during the first counseling session. ”J” won the confidence of both the husband and wife and began helping them with communication skills which involved listening to and understanding each other.

They have made remarkable progress in their relationship in the past three months. They now openly express their love for and commitment to each other. The Holy Spirit has done a remarkable work in their lives and relationship!

Photo of Afghan wedding.

Bolivia- Lonnie and Ruth Hodge

Please pray for the Carachipampa Christian School in Cochabamba, that the new government license to operate as a school will be issued quickly.  Pray also for the local churches in the region, that local church leaders would be faithful and churches would continue to grow.

The La Misión Bible Church held its first service…

…on November 6th after months of prayer and planning, Frank & Rebecca Arellanes report from a town close to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico!  God provided the only place in the entire neighborhood large enough to hold over 25 chairs at a bargain price.

Because some Christians had to travel a long distance to attend the Puerto Vallarta church, the Arellanes began a ministry in their La Misión neighborhood.  On January 9, 2016 they began with the AWANA program to reach unchurched children.

Frank & Rebecca recently wrote, “The women are reaching out to the neighborhood ladies through hospitality, ladies’ craft nights and discipleship.  The guys are busy learning how to lead, to visit and some are even venturing to preach for the first time in their lives.  This Sunday we had nine neighborhood kids show up in the rain without their parents.  The service was quite boisterous and enthusiastic and not just a little chaotic, but we were thrilled to have the kids worshiping Jesus with us.”

Photo of the beginning of the new church November 6.

Submission to God is not easy…

Some people seem to insist on taking the hard route before they finally come to the end of themselves and realize that they need to turn to God.

“E”, was just such a young man.  Raised in a Christian family he attended church regularly.  But he had a very rebellious spirit.  He insisted on continuing down his own road, until he finally ended up being a “cutter.”

But, praise the Lord, that is not the end of the story.  Cara Capps, FIM missionary to Argentina, is rejoicing that “E” finally turned to the Lord.  He now has a powerful testimony of what God has done for him, warning others about following the route that leads to destruction.