Invited by an older couple, who have been investing in her life for many years,

a young woman has been attending the Dresden, Germany church for a few months.  She also attended a 6-week “My Life Workshop” seminar offered in January, exploring the experiences and influences throughout life that shape us…leading to the question of God’s role and plan in it all.

Mindy Boyd wrote, “God has clearly been working in her life, because somewhat out of the blue, she announced that she wanted to become a Christian.  She asked me if she could come over and pray with me.  I invited her over for cake and coffee (a central aspect of German culture) and explained again what it means to give your life to Christ.  Then she prayed and asked Jesus to come into her life!  It felt very much like reaping a harvest that someone else had planted and had been watering for years.”

Mindy added, “The young woman has a difficult home situation and needs prayer as she seeks to follow Jesus in an environment that is somewhat hostile toward her newfound faith.  And please thank the Lord for people like this older couple, who humbly and faithfully invest in the lives of people like her.”


January Summer Camps in Argentina!

January is summer in the southern hemisphere.  That means it’s time for camps!  Lucio & Amanda Gallo report from this ministry in Salta, Argentina.  “One week was for kids under 12 years of age and then the last week in January we had teen week. During both weeks many decided to commit their lives to the Lord and others received Christ as their personal Savior. With the children’s camp, God surprised us by providing a bus full of 40 kids from a rural part of Salta. During the teen week it was special to see how God spoke to many.

“We really were able to see the fruit of summer camp as almost all the teens from camp began coming to the church´s youth group. Now there is a group of 30 teenagers. In the month of February we had Mexican Night. The purpose of the night was to invite new teens and share the Gospel as well as play games, have fun and eat tacos.  We have known many of the teens since they were little kids.”

J.P. is a 16-year-old…

Jeff & Sheny Walker have been working with his family for almost a year.  He has been through a rebellious streak with a lot of resentment towards his mom for abandoning him at certain times in his life.  For a long time, when the Walkers had Bible studies in his house, he would lock himself inside his room and would not come out for any reason.

The Walkers’ daughter, Julie (also an FIM missionary in Aguascalientes, Mexico) recently began an After School Program.  J.P. agreed to be a part of a “missionary marathon”, which included discipleship studies and volunteering at the After School Program.  He really enjoyed it, and it seems he has accepted Christ for real.  He continues to volunteer almost every day at the After School Program. J.P. now wants to finish high school (he’s a drop-out), as he hopes to go to a Bible school after graduating.


Pray for Pat Albright

Please be in prayer for Pat, who has been hospitalized with RSV.  Pray for Dick as he cares for her.

“A” is a new believer from Iran…

Last summer, he and his mother came to the refugee center in Athens, Greece, run by Efthemes & Eirini Sioukiouroglou.  He was almost dead from drug use.

The Sioukiouroglous helped get him into a Christian drug and rehabilitation center.  After two months he was free from drugs and smoking. Now he is cooking and working at another Christian center that helps refugees. His mother comes regularly to the Sioukiouroglous’  Bible study.  Her faith in the Lord is increasing.  She is very grateful to God and to the Sioukiouroglous for helping her son.