“It was a very fulfilling time,”

…Skip Kite wrote about his recent trip to Jamaica…his 6th trip to the island.  The Lord allowed him to pray with 16 children, 8 teens and 4 adults in receiving Jesus as Savior.  Being the father of a special needs child, Skip returned to an orphanage for children with special needs.  Many of the residents are a lot like his daughter—“always a bitter-sweet experience”, Skip muses.

Photo of Skip & Rosie Kite—involved in children’s ministry and teacher training.

Around 100 kids and 20 adults showed up from the neighborhood…

…for the Christmas Posada (with booth games) as a first step of Jeff & Sheny Walker’s third church planting effort in Aguascalientes, Mexico. This was followed by two gospel presentations—one using an illusion and the other with a drawing and black lights.

Then the Walkers started the Sunday services with three new families the first Sunday.  Their FIM missionary daughter, Julie, began a 4-hour after school program Monday through Thursday, with 20-30 children.

As a result of the after school program, the Lord has opened opportunities for evangelistic Bible studies in homes that are very tied to the traditional religion. A young grandmother brought her grandchild to the program and mentioned that her husband has been very depressed for over a year. The Walkers visited him the same day and started an evangelistic Bible Study with them in their home. Other parents have also opened up to studying the Bible.

Photo of Jeff Walker giving black light gospel presentation.


“There are ten children in this neighborhood, and they are all Muslims,”

Heidi Sabena writes from Uganda.  “Muslims teach their children from an early age to be very proud to be Muslims and to defend their faith.  They tell us every day, “We are Muslims.”  (I don’t remember walking around as a kid telling people, “I’m a Christian.”)   They have lots of stories to share.  We play games with them and read books.

“Naomi (our one-year-old daughter) has a lot of fun books that have pig characters or farm animal books with pigs.  Well, pigs are absolutely filthy and unclean to a Muslim and you don’t even speak about them.  So it has been horrifying to be reading stories with the children and come along in a book that talks about ‘three singing pigs say La La La.’  Try explaining to them it is cute that a family of pigs are going camping!

“We have also been reading stories to them from Naomi’s Jesus Storybook Bible where every story points us to Jesus.  These stories have brought out a lot of great comments from the kids.  Shazmeen told us that Jesus got run over in the road and that is how he died.  Farid told us that Allah created Jesus and Jesus is not God.  Roshan and Ryann tell us that Allah created God.

“Seven-year-old Salsa, dressed in normal westernized kids clothes and who was very sweet and fun to talk with at the beginning, has now become a bit cool towards us.  She shows up every day wearing her Muslim head covering and carries her children’s Koran with her.  We are not sure what has happened.

“The group of kids gathering at my house each day needs to be reached with the message of hope of Jesus Christ.  It will only come through much prayer and the Lord opening their hearts to the message of salvation that Jesus offers.”

Photo of Heidi with her children’s ministry.  Prince & Heidi Sabena are involved in discipleship in Kampala, Uganda.


Baby Hannah Is Home

Praise the Lord that baby Hannah Sabena was released from the hospital and is doing well at home.  Heidi, Prince and Naomi are rejoicing in the new addition to their family.   Thank you for praying.

“We launched a discipleship program for all of our teachers to learn how to disciple their students

in September, 2015,” Christy Sopcisak writes about the 14 Christian schools that she is affiliated with in Togo, West Africa.  “By February 2016, we were already starting to see the positive effects as more students accepted the Lord and were growing in Him as a result of the discipling they received from their teachers.  This September, we have reiterated the importance of discipleship and have seen more teachers take this seriously.  We have students that were discipled by teachers and now they are sharing the Gospel with other students.  I also had the opportunity to disciple five girls and help them grow in the Lord.  This will always be an ongoing process.”  (Photo of Christy with a Togolese second grade teacher.)


Praise Update- Baby Hannah Sabena

Praise the Lord that baby Hannah’s test results have been within normal range, and she has recovered enough to be released from the hospital.  Please keep praying for strength and health for baby Hannah and mom Heidi.  Thank you for praying.

Pray for Baby Hannah Sabena- Uganda

Please be in prayer for baby Hannah Belle Sabena, 6 days old, born to Heidi and Prince 3/28/17.  She is in the hospital struggling with a serious infection.