“’S’ fled from Iran with her son…

…They were arrested by the Turkish police. For two weeks they were held in a very cold place. They thought that they would die there.”

Efthemes & Eirini Sioukiouroglou minister daily to refugees in Athens who are able to enter the country of Greece.

“’S’ and her son attempted to cross through Turkey into Greece three times. On the third attempt, they tried to escape by sea.  They were in a 40-passenger boat…and 120 on board.  They were finally able to arrive safely in Greece despite the fact that the boat’s engine failed.

As ‘S’ and her son sat in a park in Athens, three girls invited them to a Christian center. They accepted the Lord. For a few months ‘S’ came to the Crossroads Center, the Sioukiouroglous’ refugee ministry center.  ‘S’ also bought a gift for the Center, a heater.

‘S’ is now in Germany and is trying to find a good church.

“The 14-year-old street girl approached us in a park, asking for something to eat.

She said she had only had water to drink in the last three days—no food.  Elena was from a village in the Sierra of Puebla.  She could not read.  We took her to our home,” Arturo & Silvia Tome write from Puebla, Mexico.

“That was five years ago.  Since then, she trusted Christ as her Savior, learned to read, completed the middle school test, got her GED, did secretarial studies and now speaks perfect Spanish.  She is an exceptional girl.  A family from the Ebenezer church adopted her.

“She now works at Office Depot in a mall. Not long ago she had an afternoon off and asked us to visit her at the mall.  We’ve had the privilege of teaching her the Bible from the beginning.   So, at the mall we sat down on a bench and did a Bible lesson.

“As we were studying the Scriptures, two young men stopped and asked if they could stay and study the lesson with us. In a few minutes two girls joined us. We continued with the Bible lesson; when we finished, 11 young people (in the accompanying photo) surrounded us.  We invited them to attend Sunday school.  Next Sunday they were in church, and brought some friends with them. While talking with them we knew that prayer was backing us.   They knew that it was a miracle that all of us were in that place at that moment. It is amazing how the Lord works!  These young people were seeking God, and now they have found Him and have trusted in Christ. They are now attending discipleship classes and memorizing Bible verses.”

Pray for God’s Word to Reach the Hmong People- Mike Zeek Project 316

  • Please pray urgently:
  • That all of the new Project 316 audio players will be uploaded and ready to go in time for distribution during the Yexusfest conference in July.  Currently, several hundred audio players are being held up in customs in Bangkok, and we don’t know why.  All of the paperwork and fees have been processed, but at the moment the custom officials have not given the approval to release them.
  • That there will be an adequate amount of volunteers to help with the distribution.
  • That discipleship opportunities will continue to increase.

“It’s amazing to see God work even though it’s not exactly what we have in mind.”

Lucio & Amanda Gallo shared about their summer camp in Argentina (in the southern hemisphere).

“Every year we hold summer camp.  Normally we run around 100 teens during the teen week.  However, this year we only had 50 teens.  At first we were discouraged and began examining where we went wrong, asking ourselves why the number was so low.   Then we began praying and the Lord truly gave us peace.  The teens that were at summer camp were the ones God wanted there.  We would wait and see what He had in store!

“With a reduced group, the counselors were able to connect and really disciple the teens in depth.  God astounded us with the fruit.  Almost all the teens are now faithfully attending the youth group at church every Saturday.  Many of them are going to every church service.  There is a strong group of ten teens that are going to the park every Sunday afternoon to hand out tracts and share the Gospel.

“We often measure our success by big numbers.  But God has His own plans and they are perfect in every way.  We just have to be still and know that He is God.”

In Uganda the name “Nalongo” means a mother of twins.

Nalongo Byamukama and her babies passed through hardship in her home.  Her husband abandoned her and her babies without providing for their basic needs

It was during that time of suffering and abandonment that the saints of the Najjemba Worship Centre were doing house-to-house evangelism and shared the gospel with Nalongo Byamukama.  She decided to give her life to Jesus Christ.

Nalongo Byamukama is now one of the church members at the Najjemba Worship Centre…a living testimony in the community.  Her relatives are astonished by the transformation as the saints in the church continue to show brotherly love by providing clothes and food for her and her babies.

Aida Kalule shared that story from her ministry on the outskirts of Kampala, Uganda. Photo of inside the Najjemba Worship Centre.

Seeing fruit in ministry is exciting!

Bryan & Susan Nevin share about the progress that they are seeing in their church planting ministry in Mexico.

“A lady (the first convert at our church) prayed for two years that her husband would get saved.  He finally did!  His mother, however, didn’t want to come to church, would make fun of us, call us hypocrites, and definitely opposed our baptism.

“The mother struggled with anxiety as one of her sons was getting out of prison.  She always felt sick to her stomach and had headaches because of the anxiety.  The Christian son suggested to his mom that she should come for counseling.  Although she was very skeptical as this was not the traditional religion, she nevertheless started counseling and got saved!

“Within two months God has transformed her life.  Her daughter-in-law told us that she sees a 180 degree change in her.  The anxiety symptoms have disappeared she has learned to trust in God.  She used to pray to her images.  Now, she only prays to God.  She comes to church every week and we hope she will be baptized this summer.”

Photo taken at recent church retreat.