Missionaries are encouraged when they hear of God’s working in the lives

of those they minister to.  Bob & Susie Lawton (USA) are seeking to reach university internationals from Asia for Christ: students, scholars and researchers.  One wrote to them recently, “We are moved by your dedication…to serve others.  It’s so wonderful that you guide us to know better about the holy Christ which will become a very important part of our lives. Thank you very much…”


Marcia Montenegro- World Religions Conference

I am excited about the opportunity I have this coming Wednesday to speak on Wicca/Witchcraft at the World Religions Conference. I am excited also that Geoffrey is going with me! Please pray that Geoffrey and I will both be in good health. Also, I covet your prayers for traveling mercies (we are flying out Tuesday), for my talk, and for interactions there.

Have you wondered, “Do my prayers make a difference in the grand scheme of the universe?”

Skip & Rosie Kite (USA) respond, “Let me assure you. Your prayers do matter!”

Skip elaborates, “Whenever I get to pray with some adult, teen, or child in accepting Jesus Christ as their Savior, it may have been your prayers that knocked down that last wall of resistance to the Holy Spirit’s influence. This happened at my last teaching opportunity. Seven children prayed to receive salvation at a Kids Crusade.

“When I preach a sermon or teach a Bible study and someone states how it made them see Scripture from a different perspective, it may have been your prayers that opened their hearts and minds for deeper learning. This just happened at a Christ in the Passover Seder which I conducted for a church.”

Skip & Rosie have a children’s and teacher training ministry.


So many Montreal, Quebec teenagers come from painful homes and backgrounds…

The wounds are deep.  The emotional scars are agonizing.  The spiritual darkness is palpable.

Jerad & Wanda Mellette minister to teens year round and in many ways.  But Jerad has had opportunity to be teen camp speaker on different occasions.  Normally they were blessed to see 0-2 teens come to know the Lord.  But the Mellettes rejoice that this year was an especially fruitful week…22 teens made professions of salvation!


After attending the marriage retreat, the woman talked about it at her job…

One of her colleagues expressed interest in participating in a similar kind of retreat.

FIM missionaries in Europe had led the retreat.  The colleague bought the book the FIM missionaries had written for engaged and newly married couples.  Sometime later she wrote the following on her Facebook: “I am very grateful for this book. After many years of looking for strategies and tools to have a good and long lasting love relationship, I have found that there actually is someone who has put out such a book! To you who would like to improve your relationship or to you who would like to start one I strongly recommend this book.”

Many who look at the book decide that others might need such a book, but that they are fine in their relationship or they think it looks like just too much work. Indeed!  Strong relationships take time and care. Not everyone is willing to put forth the effort, to make the priority.