Two years ago Philipp went to the European Bible Training Center.

In June he graduated from the program, having followed the preacher’s institute track.  Now he is beginning to preach in his home church in Halle, Germany…a church that is being planted by Craig & Debbie Borgard.

Although they are Christians, his parents were not enthusiastic about him going to Bible school.  But when they went to his graduation, they were thrilled for his accomplishment.  They were also thrilled with the teaching they heard there, calling it “Schwarzbrot” or “meaty”.  They have asked him to come preach at their church in Bremen.

Craig & Debbie are encouraged to see good biblical preaching being spread throughout Germany. (Photo taken at European Bible Training Center.)

After reading a website posting about Reiki

by Marcia Montenegro, “X” asked, “Can someone explain to me why Reiki has worked for many people if it’s supposed to be demonic? I was a Reiki master for some years but I am now seeking the truth.”

Marcia (a FIM missionary) replied to “X” online and also suggested that she read her posting:

This was followed by “X’s” response to Marcia: “I will read it definitely. I’m simply a truth seeker and in doing so I have found that this world is being ruled by Satan which leads me to believe that there needs to be a Jesus logically. However I’ve also been a big supporter of alternative medicine which brought me to use Reiki and crystals. But I’m straying from the New Age itself because in the long run it hasn’t changed anything and most of my Reiki and yoga/meditation peers are very selfish and full of ego. I knew something was missing in my life. Something I want to explore. The only means I have yet to discover until now is the path of Jesus. (I’ve always rejected the idea of Jesus by the way).”

Marcia replied, sharing her testimony about conversion from the New Age. That too can be found at the Christian Answers for the New Age website.

Hur was an outstanding third-year student looking forward to graduation in May.

Before spring break he wasn’t feeling so well, and went home to consult a doctor.  It was testicular cancer. Urgent surgery was successful and chemotherapy was successful. He missed four modules, but was able to turn in all his work for those subjects.

The night of the senior banquet he arrived with his parents, to the elation of his classmates. At graduation, when he marched across the stage to receive his diploma, there was great applause.  Hur continues treatment.

Mark & Carole Landis lead the La Roca Bible Institute in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Not all of Mexico is Spanish.  Officials identify 68 indigenous languages in this country.

Dan & Dorothy Case minister to indigenous peoples and have translated the New Testament into the Chatino language.They are presently editing before publishing.

Dan & Dorothy visited indigenous villages in the mountains.  Joaquin, the church leader in the village of El Carrizal, has a strong desire to reach other indigenous villages.  Together they visited La Cofradilla and held meetings in the home of Maximino.  Despite threats from the village people to take away his land and get him out of the village, Maximino has been faithful to the Lord.

Recently, Maximino was injured by a big thorn in his foot and because of his diabetes has had a very hard time recovering.  It is almost planting season and food for the whole year depends on this corn crop.

(Photo in the indigenous area of Mexico.)