She was a former student who believed she was going to heaven because of good works…

…But she regularly dropped by for conversation and advice from Christy Sopcisak (Togo).

Christy had discussed the Gospel with her for over a year.  She challenged her former student to read several verses in Romans for a week.  When she returned a week later, she told Christy that for the first time, she understood that Christ died on the cross for her sins, that eternal life is given to her as a gift, and that she doesn’t have to earn it with good works.

Christy is now meeting regularly with her for Bible studies.  “It is exciting to see her grow in God’s Word!” Christy wrote.

(Photo: Christy and students in one of 15 Christian schools where she does teacher training.)

God doesn’t call us to be successful; He calls us to be faithful!

Faithfulness in planting the seed of the Word is so important.  The Lord can take that Gospel seed and cause it to grow years later.

Dan & Melody Nickel have been involved sharing the Gospel with many people in Ireland for many years.  Recently “M” stopped Dan on the street to tell him that he remembers Dan, his family, and his outreach in town years ago.  At that time, the Nickels had given him Gospel literature and a book to read.   “M” went on to tell Dan that since then he had moved to England, where he became a Christian.  Now he is living in Ireland again!  What an encouragement!

Knickerbocker Update: Welcome Leo!

Praise the Lord for the arrival of little Leo Knickerbocker, December 17, 2017!

Some students traveled 7 hours to La Quiaca,

…a town on the Argentina-Bolivia border, to take a course on personal and illustrated evangelism.  The course was taught by Jose and Mary Ferrero, FIM missionaries to Argentina.  The Bolivian students told of a project they had to share the Gospel in their province.  Jose provided advice and help organizing so that the local churches would get involved.

Recently the Ferreros received word of the results.  The Bolivian students visited 475 schools in 400 towns…and 30,000 heard the Gospel!   Jose said, “I thank the Lord for allowing me to have a small part in their evangelistic project.”

(Photo of Jose Ferrero doing an open air Gospel presentation.)

Emilie & Jeremy Knickerbocker- Childbirth- France

Emilie Knickerbocker is at the hospital in labor right now!  Please be in prayer for Emilie and Jeremy as they anticipate the birth of their first child.

Lonnie Hodge- Bolivia

Please pray for Lonnie, who is recovering from multiple eye surgeries, and for his wife Ruth as she cares for him, and please uphold their ministry among churches and a Christian school in Bolivia.

Extreme Disciples…

is a youth group that Jeff & Sheny Walker (Mexico) have been leading for some years. It is bearing fruit. One of those being discipled, Nacho, started Bible School in September and loves it. His enthusiasm for it has encouraged two other youth to seriously consider it.

The two young men went to the Bible Institute in Guadalajara (where Nacho is) for one week and they both loved it and are now making plans to attend as soon as possible.

Right now Nacho returns every weekend to his home church in Aguascalientes to help out in the ministry. He is doing 10 hours of ministry each weekend: door to door visitation, young teens, youth group, praise band, leading a Bible study and teaching Sunday School!

Photo of part of the La Roca Bible Institute campus.

A Muslim boy who was attending the Bible club…

suddenly passed away. Ibrahim was complaining of headaches. But before they could get him to the hospital he was gone.

John & Marilyn Asmah are doing church planting in Ghana and had children’s classes as part of their ministry. Despite their sadness, the Asmahs are encouraged and rejoicing because some months earlier, on February 2, Ibrahim had given his life to Jesus Christ!

(Photo not of Ibrahim.)

She was a Christian with unbiblical beliefs..

when she first met Craig & Debbie Borgard (Germany). They write…“Since then ‘A’ has been in numerous Bible studies with us, has gone through the Fundamentals of the Faith discipleship program, attended the foundations course at European Bible Training Center, and is currently in the second year of the biblical counseling course at EBTC. She now leads a weekly Bible study group for girls between the ages of 10 and 15. We praise the Lord that we have seen Him work in her life and bring sound doctrine into her life.”

“Last year ‘R’s’ infant brother died unexpectedly of SIDS a few days before Christmas.

Our church reached out to the family with presents, food and much prayer, Jerad & Wanda Mellette (Montreal, Canada) reported.  “’R’ continued to come to the youth group as often as she could.  (Her parents are divorced and she lives with her mother a distance away).

“She reached out to me the other day asking me if I could ‘confirm her into Christianity’ (confirmation is Catholic terminology, a necessary sacrament for joining the Catholic church and receiving the Holy Spirit.)

“After spending some time with her explaining the differences between Catholicism and true biblical Christianity, she gladly accepted Jesus as her Savior!  There is great rejoicing in Heaven!

“She needs prayer.  She is a brand new baby Christian with a LOT to learn.  Her family is divided between ‘nominal Catholics’ and non-believers.  None of them understand why she is doing what she is doing.”

Photo of Jerad with the youth group.