Being in prison in Senegal is not a good thing…

…but Sue Bisbee rejoices that she has been able to go to the women’s prison in Rufisque every week!  She has begun a study through the book of John with two ladies she has known and visited for a while.

The spiritual attacks on these ladies have been incredible!  It seems the whole prison is in an uproar.  But there have been some fantastic answers to prayer!  One of the ladies was having serious problems with the woman sleeping next to her (about 6 inches away).  She feared that she would do something drastic if this woman was not removed from her space. Days after praying about it, the woman was set free.

Everyone in the prison hears about the study and wants to know what they are studying.  Sue hopes to receive her papers to enter into the prison, not just the visiting room, to do a Bible study with all the women.

FIM’s Dr. Paul Barreca in Lynchburg VA Jan 26-29

Meet FIM General Director Paul Barreca at the following events this weekend:

Friday 1/26–  at Liberty University Tilley Student Center, sharing ministry opportunities

Sunday 1/28– at Thomas Road Baptist Church, sharing a message on contemporary trends in global outreach- Senior Sunday School class

Monday 1/29– at Liberty University Tilley Student Center, sharing ministry opportunities


Meet FIM’s Rick Hudson at Calvary U. in Kansas City This Week Jan 22-27

Missions Mobilizer Rick Hudson is sharing ministry opportunities at the Calvary University Missions Emphasis Week in Kansas City, MO.  Students and anyone in the area are welcome to stop by the FIM table and speak with Rick!

“My work is with athletes, but every once in a while it takes an interesting turn,”

Abbey Reed (Mexico) writes.  “The volleyball team I’m working with participated in a national tournament and the organizers wanted everyone to have their patches on their uniforms.  But a group of girls knew nothing about sewing.  I got some thread, and some needles and had the girls over to my apartment to teach them how to sew on a patch.

“We ate Oreo’s and chatted up a storm.  The next thing I knew the girls were asking me why I was in Mexico. I was able to share my testimony with them and share why Jesus is so important to me that I would move here to share about Him with them.  I had no idea that little get together would lead to an opportunity to share with them.”

In a recent update, Abbey shared that when the girls returned from the Christmas break, they eagerly asked to begin Bible study.  Some of the girls had also accompanied her to church.

Director Paul Barreca at WOL- NY Jan 18-20

Thankful for a great time of sharing last week at Word of Life Bible Institute in Florida, FIM General Director Paul Barreca is looking forward to sharing gospel opportunities with students and guests this weekend at Word of Life Bible Institute in Schroon Lake, NY.   Many of these students are launching from here to serve as evangelists, disciple makers and church planters.

FIM Director Paul Barreca in FL Jan 12-14

FIM General Director Dr. Paul Barreca is sharing ministry opportunities with students and guests at the Word of Life Bible Institute missions conference in Hudson, FL, this weekend Jan 12-14!

Missionaries can get caught in political storms! 

Some minister in countries that have anti-proselytizing laws.

In this New Year, the ruling party of another country made it clear that they want to institute new laws in 18 months that will greatly affect freedom of speech, freedom of the press and freedom of religion.  One legislative article penalizes recruiting for religious institutions, or for transporting people to church with 7-12 years in jail. The penalty for recruiting minor children is 14-20 years.  Saying anything against a political figure could be punishable by incarceration.

The missionaries report, “The country is in an uproar. There were blockades, marches and protests today, and different groups will continue tomorrow and the next day.  We will probably be staying inside the next couple of days.”

Pray for wisdom from the Lord for these missionaries caught in these political storms.

Board Member David Klase

Please be in prayer for FIM Board of Directors member David Klase, whose sister Deb went home to be with the Lord on January 6.

Christmas in a brothel…

Mindy Boyd writes, “I had an unusual opportunity to go into a brothel and sing Christmas songs for the women.  Prostitution is legal in Germany.  A couple of young women from our church have begun a ministry called Adamastos Hope for the purpose of making contact with the women in these brothels in order to build relationships them and let them know that they are valuable and loved.  They wanted to do something special for them for Christmas and asked if I would be willing to go along and sing some songs.

“It was an experience that impacted me in ways for which I wasn’t prepared and had a effect even in the days following.  The evil and darkness in that place was almost palpable, and it just made me so proud of my friends, who go regularly and boldly into that darkness with the light of the love of Christ for those women.”

Mindy ministered in a different brothel as well before Christmas.  She asks for prayer for Franzi and Uli and their ministry, Adamastos Hope.  (Photo of Mindy Boyd singing.)