FIM at Tulsa Bible Church Missions Conference Sun Feb 25

Friends are invited to meet Candy Surrett, FIM missionary to Peru, and FIM representative Rick Hudson, at Tulsa Bible Church this Sunday, February 25.

9:00 – 10:15 am: missionary speakers in the adult and children’s classes

10:30 – 11:45 am: morning worship service with commissioning of FIM missionary to Peru, Candy Surrett!

6:00 – 7:15 pm:  evening worship with missionaries and reps

Join them for lunch after church on Sunday and stay for the Missionary Mingle!

Read more about Candy’s ministry here:

Pray for Children of Oscar and Jenny Mata

Please pray for healing for the children of Oscar and Jenny Mata– Landon and Oscar, as they are hospitalized with the flu.  The Matas are appointees to Mexico.

Pray for FIM Missionary Kevin Beach in ICU

Please uphold missionary Kevin Beach who is in the intensive care unit with pancreatitis and other complications following gall bladder surgery.  Kevin and Alina serve in Mezcalitos, Nayarit, Mexico.

Dr. Paul Barreca at Liberty University, Global Focus Week Feb 19-22, 2018

Stop by the FIM booth on the first floor of Mountview Student Center (first floor of the DeMoss Building).

Paul will be meeting with students and introducing them to FIM’s plan to help them fulfill God’s call for their ministry.

Pray for Mexico- Oaxaca Earthquake

Please be in prayer for those in the region of Oaxaca, Mexico in the aftermath of a 7.2 magnitude earthquake.  We give thanks to the Lord that FIM missionaries and friends who serve in this area are safe.

Graphic:  US Geological Survey

Meet FIM’s Dean Ressler at Lancaster Bible College This Week Feb 13-15

Personnel associate Dean Ressler will be sharing ministry opportunities this week Tuesday-Thursday, February 13-15 at the Lancaster Bible College missions conference in Lancaster, PA.  Students and anyone interested in finding out more about missions or FIM are welcome to meet with Dean in the Good Shepherd Chapel on campus!  General Director Paul Barreca will also be at LBC on Friday, February 16.


Muslims are coming to Christ in droves!  Or are they?

Craig & Debbie Borgard share their experience with a Muslim refugee in Germany.

“We met K. in the middle of 2017. He was eager to tell us about his life in Iran and about his joy that he is able to be here in Germany. He began attending our church services and expressed a great deal of interest in Christianity.

“After a while we asked him if he had any interest in reading the Bible with us.  He responded positively. We began with creation and the fall, discussing with him about who God is and who man is. We then spent time in the Scriptures going over some of the attributes of God. Next we read with him about the law and the need for a blood sacrifice to cover our sins.

“K. then asked the question, ‘What do we do today since there are no more sacrifices?’ This led us into the Scriptures to read about Jesus, who He is, what He has done for us, and what He is doing for us today. We have had many good discussions and times reading God’s Word with K.

“Until now, K. confuses being a Christian with being in the western culture, and not what Jesus has done for him personally. We see the Lord working in his life.  Our prayer is that the Holy Spirit would open the eyes of his understanding so that he can accept the truth of the gospel for his life.”

Pray for Missionary Kevin Beach

Please be in prayer for FIM missionary Kevin Beach, serving in Mezcalitos, Nayarit Mexico, as he undergoes gall bladder surgery today.  Thank you for your prayers!

Meet FIM’s Francisco de Souza at Clarks Summit U. Feb 5-9

Director of Missionary Personnel Francisco de Souza is sharing ministry opportunities at the Clarks Summit University Global Ministry Conference in Clarks Summit, PA this week Feb 5-9, 2018.  Students and anyone interested in finding out more about FIM are invited to meet him on campus.

What would your life be like without electricity?

For some missionaries, that is their  daily experience.

Steve Baggott wrote from the middle of the Sahara: “It has been a difficult month with long power cuts almost every day. One lasted 38½ hours and at the same time our generator broke down.  It would cost too much to repair and it will be better to buy a new one. We are thankful for solar power.  However, it was not meant to be the sole source of power for such long periods.  Solar power is not sufficient for using the iron, printer, photocopier, electric kettle, or microwave—all things that one can live without, at least for a while!  Care is needed buying chicken in town.  It may have been defrosted and refrozen. A greater hindrance is when the power cut affects communications.   Also millers, tailors, welders, etc. cannot work without power.

“Today’s power cut lasted over ten hours and a new one has just started after only two hours of electricity.”