The Lord uses even illness to strengthen believers!

Omar had been leading the music in the church that Kevin & Alina Beach are planting in Mezcalitos, Mexico.  Then Kevin was laid aside for some time with illness.  Little did Omar know that he would need to start preaching and teaching in Kevin’s absence.  But he stepped up to the plate and took on the responsibility and did a great job!  Kevin says, “God had a purpose we believe is preparing him for ministry in the near future.”

“‘J’ has never worked, never had a loving spouse, has no hope of ever owning her own home and is regularly abused by her family.”

Dave & Cheri Kelso (United Kingdom) first met her on the sidewalk.  “‘J’ had heard about the church but wanted nothing to do with it. She hated God and hated people who spoke about God. When she saw us coming she would cross the street to avoid ‘our side’. Every time I saw her, I would say ‘hello’ and she would glare at me and cross over to the other side. I almost fell over the first time she said hello to me.

“In time, she ventured into the Wednesday Coffee Morning ‘to talk to friends’ who were there. She started dropping in more frequently and eventually became a regular. Then ‘J’ showed up one evening for a service—prayer meeting! And she kept coming back. Her friends told her she should come to Sunday services, but ‘J’ said she could never get up in time to come in the morning. But she did start coming in the evenings. One Sunday morning I came into the sanctuary and there sat ‘J’—and she continued coming. Then she started attending the Bible study.  After leaving her first study she was overheard to say, ‘I didn’t think I would like it, but it wasn’t bad.’  Now she was attending all four meetings a week!

One recent “Sunday night, ‘J’ came to me after the service and wanted to pray to receive the Lord Jesus as her personal Savior! Her friends were so excited!”

Photo of Sunderland, United Kingdom, where the Kelsos are presently ministering.

How do you reach those who are behind bars in a large country that is very unreached? 

One method that the Lord is blessing is the Bible correspondence course ministry of Takuji & Hiroko Yamazaki (Japan).  Ten prisoners have been taking lessons.  Four of them have trusted in Christ as their personal Savior this year!


It wasn’t the way “S” would have envisioned her soccer career…

…She longed to play, but was benched the majority of the time.

“S” had met with Abbey Reed (Mexico) since she was a college freshman.  Abbey has watched her spiritual life blossom as she daily pursued God.  “S” realized that God had put her on the team, maybe not to play but to encourage others.  She reached out to various teammates and because of her testimony and faithfulness to God, she led several of her peers to Christ.  She graduated this fall and Abbey is excited to see where God will lead her.