God is at work!

Muslims continue to come to Christ!  A father left his wife behind in Iran and came to Greece with his two adult children. Depressed and not able to sleep, he prayed with Christians in Greece, was freed from depression and found new life in Jesus!  All three were recently baptized.

The daughter’s husband was baptized last October. But she didn’t feel ready to be baptized yet.  She was a Muslim in Iran according to tradition. Her husband and the refugee center in Athens helped her learn more about Jesus and what she did for her.  She told the FIM missionaries that she was now ready to be baptized.

The 30-year-old son went to many churches in Greece. He found love, joy and peace in Jesus Christ among Christians.  He likes the way Christians worship God.  His life changed for the better and he too was baptized.


A drug and alcohol rehab center is but a ‘band aid’ apart from Jesus changing their hearts…

 Kevin & Alina Beach (Mexico), involved in a church planting ministry, have been taking the gospel message to a center going on three years! Eleven decisions for Christ have been made this year!

On another note, Kevin has been struggling with serious health issues this year.  He is now slowly getting back into ministry. The Beaches write about the blessings of Kevin being laid up.  “The members of the church took charge and blossomed in the gifting of the Holy Spirit to love one another, serve one another, preach, teach and exhort to be faithful in good works. The body actually needed me, the pastor, to be gone for awhile and the Lord provided the opportunity!”

Photo of Kevin at the rehab center.

Leadership training often begins in childhood!

Julie Walker writes, “In 2013, I met Marta in a park. She and her siblings came consistently to the kids club, church, and camps. A year later, we hosted the kids club at her mom’s house.  Marta and her siblings invited their friends to attend.

“Two-and-a-half years later, we began Club Dorcas, just a couple blocks from Marta’s house. Marta comes consistently and is on fire for our Lord! In April she was baptized and is excited about sharing her faith with her friends.  This last year, she blossomed both socially but more importantly, spiritually. She graduates from elementary school (6th grade) this summer and wants to continue her schooling (something not too common for this neighborhood) and to eventually study at a Bible school.”

Recently while Julie was absent, 12-year-old Marta helped lead the kid’s club!

Photo of Julie and the children‘s Club.

Playing Santa Claus during the Christmas season is not usually what is thought of as a way to share the gospel…

In a conversation with a high school junior, Skip Kite shared that he plays Santa.  Skip said, “The teen found that interesting.  I also shared that I have used the Santa character to teach people of Jesus Christ.  The bait had been dangled– would she bite?

“‘How’? she asked.  The response I was hoping for!  Shooting God one of those quick silent prayers, I proceeded to explain that I use the Christ candy otherwise known as the Candy Cane. As the symbolism of the candy cane was retold this teen got the entire gospel message. The teen’s reaction was that she had never heard anything like this before.

“I would like to say that this young person prayed to receive Christ as Savior, but it was not so. The seed of the gospel had been planted. It’s now up to the Holy Spirit.”

(Skip & Rosie Kite serve with FIM in the USA.)