Can God use a missionary over the age of 70?  

After serving in Bolivia for decades, Lonnie & Ruth Hodge have suddenly been thrust into unexpected ministries.  Lonnie began discipling a soccer coach.  That resulted in weekly Bible studies with the entire soccer team.  Many of the players have trusted in Christ for salvation.

At the same time, the Hodges have been “pushed” into leading a brand new church in Cochabamba.  The soccer team players began attending services.  Recently Lonnie had the privilege of baptizing the coach and nine members of the soccer team.

Since the baptism, another soccer player has also expressed a desire to follow the Lord in baptism!

Can God use a missionary over the age of 70?  Absolutely!

(Photo of baptism of many of the players and the coach of the soccer team.)


Picacho Camp in Aguascalientes, Mexico was the site of a three-day grade school kids camp in July.

Jeff & Sheny Walker were excited to have over forty kids—almost all of them from non-Christian homes—participate. The children were part of their church plant ministry.

The most exciting time for the kids was the pool time. Their energy and screaming for the 90 minutes each day were amazing. They just kept going and going. The water was cool (unheated), but they did not care. The inflatable boats in the water made it extra fun for them.

After Jeff gave the message on salvation, it was exciting to hear many of the children praying to receive Christ.

Pray for the kids to continue in the club faithfully and growing in their knowledge of the Lord and His Word. Pray also that these families can be reached as a result of the kids coming.

“My missionary colleague and I were scheduled to take an advanced German course

in April.  I was looking forward to the opportunity to brush up on my language skills a bit,” Mindy Boyd writes from Germany.

“When we arrived for our first session we found ourselves in the classroom with one other young woman, a Russian, and no one else, not even a teacher.  When I inquired at the reception, we were informed that the course had been canceled and that we would be reimbursed for the payment.  I returned to the classroom and told my colleague and the Russian.

“We then ended up spending over an hour just sitting there talking, getting to know the young woman.  We invited her to our English conversation group that week.  She came with her Colombian boyfriend.  We’ve since had the opportunity to spend more time with her and invite her to other events or even just to hang out.

“It has been very clear to us that signing up for that German course had more to do with meeting the Russian young woman than it did with improving our language skills!”


Addicted to alcohol and men, the young Christian woman, hungering to be freed…

… sought out Dorothy Case (Mexico).

Dorothy writes, “It has been a long journey, but the most important part was to love her unconditionally.  Her dad left when she was 5 years old, affecting her deeply.  Having Dan’s (Dorothy’s husband) father love for her strengthened her heart, even through times of failure.  She began to take tiny steps to believe that God could really love her.  For the last 1½ years she has understood the relationship of trust she can truly and intimately have with Jesus Christ.

“She has been freed from alcohol and immorality and desires to reach other hurting women and single moms with the redemptive story of Christ. She and her Christian friend have begun a group for Oaxaca ladies and have been able to lead two ladies to Christ!”